Tuesday, August 23, 2011

do you have days like this?

I swear that as son as I hit "publish" I am going to put the iPad away.

Pinky swear.


It's nearly 9:30AM and I have yet to tie on my apron and get to work. We are all dressed, but it's gross out and totally non-motivating.

I think it will rain soon.

The grill is uncovered on the deck...I should probably cover it.
Then clean up last night's dishes.
Make the beds.
Play with bebes.
Turn. Off. The. Tv.

I would rather be a sloth today.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

what i wore

This post was supposed to go up yesterday. A little bit of loving encouragement for my sweet bloggy friend Laura. And heeeyyy...I've really been meaning to do a What I Wore Wednesday post to link up at the Pleated Poppy, so this works!

I got up and did my hair, dressed cute (cuter than the other moms at Target!) and snapped some pics.

lipstick and mascara!

WIWW had a challenge theme of stripes and florals...sorry no stripes! But I have flowery pink shoes...these are the bebes favorite shoes to walk around the house in (don't tell his Daddy!).

cute shoes!

Full length pics are tough y'all...I'll try to find a better mirror for next time.

white pin tuck tunic from Lands End, black capris, pink shoes from Report, jewelry from Stella and Dot
I was totally set to post this on time...
Then the boys refused to coordinate their naps.

So glad I had stuck a pork shoulder in the crockpot! Otherwise I would have been a frazzled mess.

I still feel like nothing was accomplished yesterday, but the boys were read to, and we played choo choos and batman, acted like bumble bees and sang some silly songs...

I can write "nourish souls" on my to do list.
Maybe we should all do that.

hair in pony...post non-napping fiasco

I guess I did accomplish a lot yesterday!

And I looked cute doing it :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Thanks for all of the comments on my last post :)
I wanted to message all of you individually, but most of you don't have email enabled for your comments...you should! It's super fun to get email from bloggers :)

I was also busy with this...
Oh Mr. Turtle, so much fun!

I made the mistake of telling 3 that we had to put the lid on the sandbox so that cats wouldn't make poo poos in it.

Now he is obsessed with cats using his sandbox as a litter box.

He stands in the kitchen window and growls.

Says he's scaring away the bad kitties...

Speaking of my kitchen window...I think I have brainstormed a new treatment solution!

Cross your fingers, I'm going to start cutting and sewing (probably cursing a little) tonight.

Ahhhh....let the creative stress eating begin.

Monday, August 08, 2011

a reasonably clean entry...getting settled, day 5

Welcome to my new home...

I put the flowers out right away, the front door needs a little updating, but it'll do for now.
Come on in!

pretty empty
Look right

Look left


I wish you could stick a "recently moved in" sign on the lawn.
So the UPS guy doesn't think he needs to call CPS.

A little cleaning, some expert mashing of craft supplies into the craft closet and the living room is tidy.

the blonde children blend in well
The dining room is getting there. It's the one place we've been stashing art and miscellaneous stuff as we get settled. But it's nice to have the table and buffet tidy.

must. iron. table scarf.     

Grandma <3

The actual entryway is still empty. We're starting the "real" decorating here (different from the moving-in-and-getting-used-to-the-spaces decorating that is happening all over our house). I've been collecting ideas for a little while. The loose theme is honeysuckle and grey. A little girly, but I decided that I needed one little space of pretty in this house boys.

The starting list of changes:
Wall paint - grey
Paint antique vanity (and unearth the mirror) - honeysuckle
Hang art - LOTS!
Find a rug - something to bridge the reddish tones of the floor and the pink of my accents
New light fixture - maybe hack something from the Restore?

Thanks for touring with me :)

Linking my "Reasonable Clean Entry" at Like Mother, Like Daughter. (isn't that the best description?!)

round button chicken

Outtake pic from the after shots...

this little guy kept getting in front of the camera and saying "tee!" (cheese!)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

simple sunday

dinner in the crock pot

lunch on a tray

boy in a puddle

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

completely void of nutrients...what we ate at the state fair

A catalog of food eaten by my family...

maple cotton candy
fried pickles
chocolate covered cranberries on a stick - did you know cranberries are the largest fruit crop in WI?
root beer
giant brat on a pretzel roll with peppers and onions
one hot dog
chocolate milk and white milk - only 50 cents! gotta love WI!
string cheese - handed out for free after the milking demo
giant cream puff - these are serious business, there is a whole pavilion dedicated to cream puffs, and it was excellent. also, we kept seeing people walking around the fair with special carryout boxes of a dozen cream puffs.
a lemon slushy

and the kids played in corn bins and I am pretty sure the bebe ate a dried corn kernel.

Here is some eye candy for you ;)

Let me preface this by saying that while Hubs is awesome and amazing, he has never once taken a flattering picture of me...not once in our 11 year history.

me with cream puff

And I didn't feel at all guilty eating fair food...because I have continued to run/jog/move faster than normal.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

tidbits and a ridiculously easy and delicious salad

* The house is a mess. I can't get control of anything...never buy a house with 4 toilets...no one needs to clean 4 toilets.

* Lately, I've been making a lot of ice cream. Inspired by Wisconsin? I don't know...but I am having fun!

* We went to the county fair on Sat. Tons of fun. Fried Oreos. Sno-cones. Noms.

* Ate at Five Guys for dinner on Sat. Have you been? Good greasy burger, a zillion french fries and peanuts! Plus, the line cooks were singing along with piped-in 80's music; I'm not sure if that's the norm, but we thought it was great.

* The furniture store is stalking me. I guess they really don't like holding our guest bed while we wait for our couches to arrive. I keep telling them if they waive one of the delivery fees, that I would be happy to accept the bed. No dice ;)

* Speaking of the furniture store; received a thank you note (sort of) from the salesman. "Thanks for your recent purchase. Roy" I threw away his business cards.

* Bought a bunch of costume hats for the boys. Bebe keeps running around in the pig hat and snorting. He thinks it's hilarious!

* Low key Sun, complete with splashing pool and wiggly-caterpillar sprinkler. And we finally ate on the deck. I threw together this salad, and I will totally make it again.

Summer Salad

equal parts:
fresh mozzarella, cubed
cucumber, chunked up
grape tomatoes, halved
Newsman's Own Light Cesar dressing and fresh pepper to taste

mix it up and enjoy!
I ate the leftovers for lunch on Mon, just on a bed of lettuce, so delicious!