Monday, October 23, 2006

off again...

Jocko and I came home late last night (Muskegon, wedding #7). Tomorrow I'm driving to Ann Arbor to meet up with Adrienne and then drive out to Maine for our friend Chris's wedding.


I have just enough time to call some customers, mail some orders, do the laundry and get packed.

Jocko is taking the PE on Sat. and he's already freaking out - happy thoughts for him, please :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

that new-car smell

Apparently all I needed to do to get a new car was demonstrate my inability to drive the Sebring. This evening we traded the truck in for a new Liberty.

Yippee! I *love* my new car.

i am not a morning person

There's a reason I'm a Mary Kay lady (other than an unnatural obsession with makeup), I cannot stand waking up early and having to function. But, there are rare occasions when I do need to wake up early and get going before 10 AM (the perfect out-the-door time for me). Last Tuesday was one of those rare occasions, I had a breakfast networking meeting at Cracker Barrel (pancakes). Of course Monday night Jocko was out of town, so I stayed up way too long; now I am paying the price.

You see, I was v. tired, it was v. dark and that median was not painted yellow! I honestly thought the left turn lane continued past the first turnoff and onto the main intersection. I was wrong.

Never drive on the median. Not only is it scary (I was convinced the car was going to explode), and you have to pay to have your car removed from said median, it WILL damage your car.

vehicle removal - $50
ATM fee because the tow-man will only accept cash - $2
new stabilizer bar for the car you hate - $820
the humiliation of being gawked at - priceless

Monday, October 09, 2006

wonder twins - activate!

Can I just say that I had a ton of fun at Yeimy's wedding?! It has been years since I hung out with Laura, and we had so much fun. I cannot figure out how we actually ate dinner, we were laughing so much.

Other highlights include:
* "Footloose" dance line while the title song was played - why isn't Kenny Loggins more popular? He's a genius
* Jen's husband Brian is the most fun Bet Sig, ever. I am sad he wasn't at Tech when I was, he would have been an entertaining drinking buddy
* The bed at the hotel felt like a waffle - Lesley will back me up on this
* I have somehow recovered my ability to do tequila shots, or at least one shot
* Alph Gams are the most fun girls - ever
* Yeimy was such a beautiful bride :)
* Penelope Cruz was at the wedding - just ask Laura
* Mariachi bands provide the best dinner music ever! I would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a declaration

I, Alanna Rose, do solemnly swear to bring Tits McGee out on Friday night. Tits shall dance and make merry, and will not embarrass herself, or Yeimy.

Laura is a genius.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

trivial pursuit

Somehow, within the course of a game of Trivial Pusuit, the name "Tits McGee" came up. Does anyone know the origin of the name? We know our favorite newscaster - Ron Burgundy - uses it, but where else did it come from?