Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i am not a morning person

There's a reason I'm a Mary Kay lady (other than an unnatural obsession with makeup), I cannot stand waking up early and having to function. But, there are rare occasions when I do need to wake up early and get going before 10 AM (the perfect out-the-door time for me). Last Tuesday was one of those rare occasions, I had a breakfast networking meeting at Cracker Barrel (pancakes). Of course Monday night Jocko was out of town, so I stayed up way too long; now I am paying the price.

You see, I was v. tired, it was v. dark and that median was not painted yellow! I honestly thought the left turn lane continued past the first turnoff and onto the main intersection. I was wrong.

Never drive on the median. Not only is it scary (I was convinced the car was going to explode), and you have to pay to have your car removed from said median, it WILL damage your car.

vehicle removal - $50
ATM fee because the tow-man will only accept cash - $2
new stabilizer bar for the car you hate - $820
the humiliation of being gawked at - priceless


jr_michels said...

That is no fun. It makes for a good story though. :)

Crystal said...

Yikes! Sounds really scary and expensive. I'm glad you're okay, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh Alanna. You have left me with nothing to say!
I am glad that you are okay! Come move over here and I'll drive you in the AM.

Erika said...

ooooh.... Alanna. You poor cute thing.
Having a great story to blog about: priceless.

allison said...

I'm glad too that you're ok! And now you have a shiney new car. No more playing in the street! :0)