Sunday, October 01, 2006

trivial pursuit

Somehow, within the course of a game of Trivial Pusuit, the name "Tits McGee" came up. Does anyone know the origin of the name? We know our favorite newscaster - Ron Burgundy - uses it, but where else did it come from?


Crystal said...

I dunno, but maybe that's how Chick McGee from Bob and Tom got his nickname.. off of Tits McGee.

jonesy said...

I honestly have not heard Tits McGee anywhere other than Anchorman. LOL. I even did a google search on it.

There was an obscure singer reference but I could not track down anything, and thought maybe it was just pulling info about "tits" and "bobby mcgee" LOL

jr_michels said...

Hey...I don't think I have your email address. What is it?

Laura said...

I think that it sounds like the perfect alcohol induced persona.

For example on Friday night:

"We are certainly all getting old in a hurry. It only took Alanna a drink and a half to bring Tits McGee out!"