Monday, March 21, 2011

fun new toy!

So, my super husband left work a few minutes early the other week, and stood in line at Best Buy to get me an iPad2.

He must love me, or something ;)

At any rate, we have been having lots of fun with it, and although it is mine (it has a pink cover!), I did notice a new basketball app installed... And JJ is sort of into Angry Birds...

alanna rose

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

these sippy cups are killing me

On Saturday I am hosting a Super Hero Birthday Extravaganza.
I should be sewing super hero capes (complete with lightning bolt monogram).

My town is slowly recovering from some pretty awful flooding.
I should be making meals for my water-logged friends.

Instead I am dealing with this.

Because a sippy cup full of milk leaked on the couch in my office.
And then it sat.

The cushion has a down top.


I'm hoping I can resurrect the cushion, and that the cover will dry quickly. But all sippy cups have now been banished (well, I'm hiding away two for long car trips). He's turning three - he'll just have to make do with real cups, and learn to sit at the table when he wants a drink.

He'll probably deal with this change better than the next one I'm planning...

bye, bye binky