Monday, June 29, 2009

they caught me

A seriously soused city woman was cited Sunday for persistent disorderly conduct after crashing a party on Ohio 37 and biting someone.

From the public docket, duh.

Edit: I just reread this, and I want to note that this wasn't me, I just thought it was funny...but I didn't want anyone to think that I really run around drunk and biting, although...

Friday, June 26, 2009


On Wed morning I turned on the computer and nearly had a heart attack. I'm not exactly sure what was happening inside of the mysterious grey box that connects me to my friends, but it involved foreboding blue screens and scary words like "reconfigure" and "data loss." I couldn't handle it, so I called J at work, and he was zero help so I restarted the computer and prayed that all of my pictures hadn't poofed into a black hole somewhere.

Thankfully, they are all safe and sound (and now backed up on CD's).

So I can share some from our trip to Destin, FL :)

We stayed at a gorgeous house on the beach, the (gated and guarded) community was so nice, palm trees everywhere, a really nice pool and of course the beach was fabulous. If you want to plan a trip let me know, because I would highly recommend the house we were in, and later we found out that Britney Spears has a home in the development - so now I feel really cool (we got a great deal because we booked late, and we shared the house with another family, otherwise we would not have been there). As fab as the house and community were, I have no pictures of them - sorry!

J went deep sea fishing, and I now have 25 lbs of fish in my freezer. He caught amberjack, red snapper, black fin tuna, wahoo, and a barracuda (which is not edible). Now it's my job to figure out how to cook all of this yummy fish! While J was fishing I went shopping at one of the best outlet malls I've ever been to - I scored a great deal on a Micheal Kors purse :), so that made up for J abandoning me for the day.

JJ drives us to FL ;)

playing in the tidepool

JJ and Daddy caught a shark!

swimming with Mama

at the Gulfarium

Alligator Hunters!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


J is off the hook, he sent me this response.

Sorry. Should have taken an extra minute to put some more thought into it. Thank you for putting up with my work-mode email and offering to share your baking talents with the world.


I love him :)


I just received this email from J:


I volunteered to bring a dessert on Tuesday for the taco lunch fundraiser.


So, this is what I sent back to him:

I think you need to rephrase that:

"My wonderful, perfect and beautiful Wife,
I would love for you to make a dessert for me to take in for our fundraiser on Tues. You are such a fabulous baker - I want to share your talents with the world.
Can you do this for me?

I'll gladly do it, just remember that you love me and I'm not your employee.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

back to reality

We had a wonderful vacation, and I promise a post full of cute beach baby pictures (after I find the USB cables), but now it's back to real life.

The good news? This summer, real life means a daily trip to our pool :) And, the pool we belong to is fabulous and wonderful and smells like pink cupcakes; so it's my favoritest place ever. I will also post pics from our awesome pool, but not right now.

Right now I have a back-to-real-life tale for you.

Every other Wed. I try to deliver groceries to the housebound elderly in our city. It's an ongoing service project for Service League, and the Agency on Aging sets it all up. What we do is pick up the prepacked groceries from the store, deliver them and bring the money back to the store. Simple, right? Is anything simple with a 15 month old??

Today I delivered 4 orders - highly unusual, I usually do 2 or 3. The first three were easy, it takes time, but the recipients are so grateful, many of them would be unable to live unassisted without this service, so the good feeling you get totally makes up for any slight inconvenience.

The last order was for Miss Margaret. I love her. I love her because each week she orders 3 pints of Vodka and a jar of olives. And each week she tells you that the doctor made her give up cigarettes so she decided she would drink. I think, at her age, she has the right idea. I am also grateful to know that she no longer smokes because she has quite a few oxygen tanks lined up in her hallway, and explosions are scary. I think she dyes her hair every week, she must because I've never noticed roots, and she always has her makeup on. Sometimes (usually) I wish I could sit down and have a martini with her; although I would bring the vodka because she gets Five O'clock, and there's no way I could stomach that.

Anyway, she's such a great character, and so sweet that the very short visit with her completely made up for the fact that as I left the building, the fattest chihuahua I have ever seen totally tried to eat me.

I wish I had footage of me carrying JJ, and running away from this fat little bully; which was tethered to a shopping cart next to a Swisher Sweet smoking, fat old lady.

Had I been bitten I would have called the police, hoping for a write up in the public docket :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We are leaving for Destin, FL on Friday :)

To get ready we bought JJ a big boy car seat (front facing), I think he enjoys looking out the windows, he loves putting toys in the cup holder. We also bought him a DVD player, and I actually had to purchase a few DVD's for it - because I just have some Handy Manny episodes saved on the DVR for here at home. Man, those DVD's are not cheap.

I am ready for vacation, maybe not ready for the car ride, but ready to get out of here and relax for a week.

See you later!