Wednesday, June 17, 2009

back to reality

We had a wonderful vacation, and I promise a post full of cute beach baby pictures (after I find the USB cables), but now it's back to real life.

The good news? This summer, real life means a daily trip to our pool :) And, the pool we belong to is fabulous and wonderful and smells like pink cupcakes; so it's my favoritest place ever. I will also post pics from our awesome pool, but not right now.

Right now I have a back-to-real-life tale for you.

Every other Wed. I try to deliver groceries to the housebound elderly in our city. It's an ongoing service project for Service League, and the Agency on Aging sets it all up. What we do is pick up the prepacked groceries from the store, deliver them and bring the money back to the store. Simple, right? Is anything simple with a 15 month old??

Today I delivered 4 orders - highly unusual, I usually do 2 or 3. The first three were easy, it takes time, but the recipients are so grateful, many of them would be unable to live unassisted without this service, so the good feeling you get totally makes up for any slight inconvenience.

The last order was for Miss Margaret. I love her. I love her because each week she orders 3 pints of Vodka and a jar of olives. And each week she tells you that the doctor made her give up cigarettes so she decided she would drink. I think, at her age, she has the right idea. I am also grateful to know that she no longer smokes because she has quite a few oxygen tanks lined up in her hallway, and explosions are scary. I think she dyes her hair every week, she must because I've never noticed roots, and she always has her makeup on. Sometimes (usually) I wish I could sit down and have a martini with her; although I would bring the vodka because she gets Five O'clock, and there's no way I could stomach that.

Anyway, she's such a great character, and so sweet that the very short visit with her completely made up for the fact that as I left the building, the fattest chihuahua I have ever seen totally tried to eat me.

I wish I had footage of me carrying JJ, and running away from this fat little bully; which was tethered to a shopping cart next to a Swisher Sweet smoking, fat old lady.

Had I been bitten I would have called the police, hoping for a write up in the public docket :)


Kathy said...

You made my day!!! That's great! would love to see you running from a fat taco dog with JJ in your arms.

Erika said...

LOL. that's awesome. :)
i would have loved to see the public docket for that.

Laura said...

I would love to see you in the public docket! Welcome back!!

Lamb said...

thank goodness the story ended with an angry, fat chihuahua. i thought it was going to be about how Miss Margaret was no longer around. don't scare me like that!!