Friday, June 26, 2009


On Wed morning I turned on the computer and nearly had a heart attack. I'm not exactly sure what was happening inside of the mysterious grey box that connects me to my friends, but it involved foreboding blue screens and scary words like "reconfigure" and "data loss." I couldn't handle it, so I called J at work, and he was zero help so I restarted the computer and prayed that all of my pictures hadn't poofed into a black hole somewhere.

Thankfully, they are all safe and sound (and now backed up on CD's).

So I can share some from our trip to Destin, FL :)

We stayed at a gorgeous house on the beach, the (gated and guarded) community was so nice, palm trees everywhere, a really nice pool and of course the beach was fabulous. If you want to plan a trip let me know, because I would highly recommend the house we were in, and later we found out that Britney Spears has a home in the development - so now I feel really cool (we got a great deal because we booked late, and we shared the house with another family, otherwise we would not have been there). As fab as the house and community were, I have no pictures of them - sorry!

J went deep sea fishing, and I now have 25 lbs of fish in my freezer. He caught amberjack, red snapper, black fin tuna, wahoo, and a barracuda (which is not edible). Now it's my job to figure out how to cook all of this yummy fish! While J was fishing I went shopping at one of the best outlet malls I've ever been to - I scored a great deal on a Micheal Kors purse :), so that made up for J abandoning me for the day.

JJ drives us to FL ;)

playing in the tidepool

JJ and Daddy caught a shark!

swimming with Mama

at the Gulfarium

Alligator Hunters!


YGS said...

Definetely looks like you guys had a blast! Yay for vacations :)

AJ said...

The pick of J and JJ on the alligator is totally frameable. So cute!

Looks like it was a great time!

Diana said...

Isn't vacation fun with a toddler?! I love it :) JJ looks like he had a blast.

Michelle said...

Looks like fun!! I am jealous about all of the fish... so yummy!