Wednesday, June 22, 2011

heading back to target

Last night I spent 45 glorious minutes unaccompanied in Target.

It was so blissful that I completely forgot that I was going to buy a baby gate. So I'm sure that's why my parents gave me such odd looks when I showed them the contents of my shopping bag:
pull ups
a sing a ma jig (he sings yankee doodle!)

So we are headed back today.

OK, now it's later...

Got the baby gate.

And we stopped in TJ Maxx super I picked up a few pairs of shoes and a super cute Calvin Klein dress :)

And I would totally share some pics but, well...I still can't figure out my parent's computer. Sorry!

Happy Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

hanging out in troy

So...I've been a little lax in updating since the movers arrived, in fact I just realized that instead of publishing a post about moving I was just saving um, sorry about that.

Anyway, we arrived in Troy last Fri and have been hanging out with my parents. I took the boys and my mom and sister to the Detroit Zoo on Wed, it was great! The weather was perfect, not too hot so most of the animals were really active.

On Thurs I took the boys downtown to swim at Allison's apartment. We had fun and I am completely envious of her view of the Detroit River. And I keep redecorating her place in my Al, be forewarned, I might have a few ideas heading your way ;)

J came home to Troy for this weekend, so we have been enjoying his company and we even went out for a little date last night :) we saw the Hangover 2 and I'm pretty sure that movie makes the Baby Jesus cry, but it was incredibly funny. And when we got into the theater we realized AJ and JR were also there :D

I've been slowly redecorating half of my parents house, and taking pics of course, but I can't figure out how to upload pics to the computer I probably wont have any to share until July. But then I will have lots of pics and plans for my new house!! I am excited!!!!

That's it, we are in town until June 30, and spending next weekend in Muskegon, so if you'd like to get together give me a call or send me an email.

Monday, June 06, 2011

god breeze

Today I was ill. Not very good timing as the moving truck will arrive Wednesday morning.

I was feeling sorry for myself.

It was pitiful.

Then I stumbled across this. A teeny tiny baby, scheduled to have heart surgery on Thursday.

Makes my problems seem, well, not really like problems.

We are moving to a very nice house. We are moving because Hubs is awesome and works his tail off at the office. We have friends in Milwaukee waiting for us!

I think I'm ready. Let's do this!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

big time crime

Perhaps the last docket goody?

Two 20-year-old females were charged with petty theft Tuesday after a deputy found a "mowing ahead" sign in the trunk of the vehicle they were driving on Hancock County 172.

A gaggle of geese was running loose Tuesday in the 19000 block of Hancock County 17. The animals' owner returned them to their barn after speaking with a deputy.

Oh geese. Heehee!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

things i will miss

I'm sitting on my deck, watching the sun go down.

I love this backyard.

I loved this backyard in the tundra like conditions of Ohio in late November, when we were house shopping and I was dreading moving back to this little city. Something about the frozen grass, big deck and mature trees felt so welcoming; the icing this house, and that move, needed so that I would feel like everything was going to work out just fine. Then in the spring I discovered the moss that thrives in the yard, the lichen on those big old trees that the builder left instead of clear cutting before developing the land.

There is a brown picket fence surrounding the back. I actually thought we would tear it down(!), I'm so glad we didn't get to that project. It's so sweet to see the squirrels running from picket to picket. And it does an excellent job of corralling the kids, making my job so much easier.

I'm not sure what my new backyard will bring...