Saturday, December 22, 2007

merry christmas!

We're headed to Temperance and then on to Muskegon.

Safe and easy travels to all of you, and a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've seen them at the grocery store before. Blister packs of four apples proudly proclaiming their status of "Grapple!" and their high price of $3.99. Last week I decided to pick up the mystery fruit and give them a try. As I stood trying to discern their authenticity (this wasn't just an apple with spray-on grape flavor, right?) I couldn't find an ingredient list, so I assumed they were just a variety of apple I was unfamiliar with.

I get them home and the grape smell is intense; the whole kitchen smells like grape bubble gum. I show them to J and we immediately split an apple - and Zippy gets some, too. He takes one look at the package and says "It's just an apple with grape flavor sprayed on." What? No!!! This was something exotic and cool (a rarity at our local Meijer), not a sprayed-tanned apple.

Right there, on the middle of the package - Ingredients: apples, natural and artificial grape flavoring.

I am so disappointed. And my kitchen still smells like fake grapes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

spreading christmas cheer

I thought this was great. Give it a few seconds, it's pretty entertaining.


are you going?

Who's going to GLI with me? We'll be there Fri. night. I guess the Tech game starts at 8, but we've never actually been to the game, we just hang out downstairs in the bar. I, obviously will not be drinking, so J is looking forward to not being my sober driver! We usually hit the bars after the game, but not this year, I just get so tired so early. So come to GLI next Fri and hang out with me!

Also, for those attached to DSP's - who is going up for 60th this summer? We are planning on it, and it'll be Peanut's first trip to the UP :) just checking to see if anyone else will be going and where you'll be staying.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

you were all right

Every comment made about iron pills is true. They are evil.
Hello Metamucil.
And Maalox, how could I live without you?

Blahhhh, heartburn :(

Friday, December 07, 2007


I love shopping for Christmas gifts :)

And I like selling Christmas gifts, too. I just got back from Indy, I had a really great Christmas Open House there and helped all of my customers pick out fab gifts for their families (even hard to buy for men and teenage boys). I can help you too! You can call me or order directly from my website, I offer free gift wrap (just let me know you'd like it wrapped) and shipping.

Another idea is to give a gift from Heifer International. I think a gift from Heifer is perfect for everyone you know that is socially aware, but sometimes hard to shop for.

Happy shopping!


Dear Hair,

You look marvelous today, I realize this means six months of terrible hair, but I thank you for the gift I've been given today. :)

Dear Bladder,

You are empty, quit complaining.

Dear Taylor Swift,

Your new song is catchy and cute, but so insipid. It's been running through my head for days, I am so over it. Please release a new song right away so they'll stop playing this one.


Monday, December 03, 2007

i'm relieved

The week before Thanksgiving I went in for my blood glucose test. At my OB's if you don't hear from them it means everything was fine and they'll discuss your results with you at your next appointment. I thought I was fine because I hadn't heard from them; last night I realized I had a voicemail hanging around on our home phone and it was from the Dr.'s office. No information is ever provided in their messages, so I got to think about my dreaded test results all last night, which means I got no sleep.

Let me back this up a little, I've been worried about GD since before I became pregnant. It's no secret that I didn't become pregnant right away, this is because I have mild PCOS, which some people describe as pre-diabetes. I don't need to test my blood sugar, but I do need to be careful, and watch what I eat, and exercise everyday. In fact I was on blood sugar meds before I became pregnant as a way to stabilize hormone levels - this worked, and we now have Peanut - but you go off of the meds after conceiving because they can hurt the baby. So I've been pretty much thinking all along that I'd develop GD, and we'd just deal with it then and hope that it remained gestational only and I would be back to normal after the baby is born.

So I called the Dr.'s office as soon as possible this morning. I was expecting to leave a voicemail, but I actually made contact with the nurse who had left me the message. I guess when they test your blood sugar they also test your iron levels, and mine are just a tad low so she was calling to tell me to go to the Pharmacy and get some over-the-counter iron supplements and take them once a day. And they'll be checking my iron levels again at 30 weeks to make sure they are just right before I deliver. Just to be certain I asked her about my sugar levels and they are great :)

So I'm happy, and so relieved. And I guess I'll be buying some vitamins today.