Tuesday, December 11, 2007

you were all right

Every comment made about iron pills is true. They are evil.
Hello Metamucil.
And Maalox, how could I live without you?

Blahhhh, heartburn :(


AJ said...

I didn't even do well with the iron in my pre-natals. I found taking them at night helped the situation a little. Good luck!

Laura said...

Yay for heartburn! Heartburn=hairy baby! It's really true!

Kathy said...

I have a Sponge Bob sticker for you!!

Danielle Michelle said...

Take a half one every other day!

I hope Laura isn't right about the Hairy baby thing. Could you imagine a hairy baby and a bald husband? I just love you guys too much!

heather said...

Iron pills suck. ;)

Re. mole removal - it didn't hurt at all. I've had another one removed on my back before and one under my boob (also was getting hit by the bra). They numb the area and then cut them out. You have a hole in your body but it heals pretty quickly. I'm getting more removed next time I go! (getting skin removed from you nose, however, is no picnic)