Friday, December 07, 2007


Dear Hair,

You look marvelous today, I realize this means six months of terrible hair, but I thank you for the gift I've been given today. :)

Dear Bladder,

You are empty, quit complaining.

Dear Taylor Swift,

Your new song is catchy and cute, but so insipid. It's been running through my head for days, I am so over it. Please release a new song right away so they'll stop playing this one.



AJ said...

Whenever I mention you when I'm talking to my mom she says "Alanna, now that's the girl with the big engagement ring and the beautiful dark hair right?" [These are the things she remembers from the trips to Tech:)]

Laura said...

Any heartburn? Or is it a bald Peanut?

Crystal said...

LOL.. I love you, Alanna!