Tuesday, September 30, 2008


how do i put my twitter on here? i'm dealing with a snotty little nose, my brain is not functioning.

first taste (?) of chocolate

I cleaned the floor yesterday - I swear I did. But I also made brownies, which of course create crumbs, because using a plate would delay brownie-eating by four milliseconds. I'm not sure if he actually got the crumbs into his mouth - but this is what he did to his pajamas:

It's not all bad - at least the chocolate was Ghiradelli :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

go to sleep

seriously dude, you need to sleep.

JJ NOT sleeping

Friday, September 19, 2008

public docket

Two shopping carts have been stolen from Great Scot, 301 W. Main Cross St., since Monday.

*Seriously, the person who reports the public docket in this town must have the world's most interesting job :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

party time!

We're having a party!!!!

Tech plays Findlay in Findlay this year, so we figure it's the perfect excuse to invite everyone out for a night of fun!

The game is Oct. 11 at noon. I'm thinking we'll have Bloody Marys and pickled eggs (B and B style) at 11, head to the game and then come back for Library Soup, chili, cornbread and beer :) I think our garage would really like to host some tippy cup, too :)

Bring the kids - Gerald is ready to make some new friends! We've got plenty of room, so feel free to stay the night, just bring a sleeping bag and pillow (or reserve a spot on the hide-a-bed, or one of our couches).

I'll be making an event page on facebook, so keep your eyes peeled for that - and be sure to invite all of your Tech friends to come down, too :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

public docket

In the news today:

Someone glued a garage door shut at 208 Baldwin Ave. on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been really drawn to Swedish modern interiors like this (disregard the bedroom - it's atrocious). I think it's the clean lines, and the Marrimekko prints, and the use of color. There are two problems, though:
1. I don't want knock-offs from the big I; I want a real Tulip table, bring on the Saarinen chairs, maybe mix in some expensive wool rugs.
2. After spending more than my mortgage to furnish all of two rooms in the house I would realize I can't live that way - I need stuff, a few frills, some flounces - a few items with warmth.

It's a vicious cycle.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

five years

Today is our fifth anniversary :)

I got flowers, I also requested something sparkly - so we'll see how that goes...

We got a babysitter. We're going to dinner, at a real restaurant with cloth napkins and a wine list and no illuminated beer signs. And then we are going to come home and put the baby to bed and then go to a movie. It makes me happy :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Freshly picked from the Tree of Randomness:

* Last week we had a new HVAC system installed - furnace, a/c, all new ducting and a few new registers and returns. The dampers still need to be adjusted, but so far the new system seems a lot better than the old one :)

* We've settled on a nickname for the wee man. He shall be JJ - my dad likes to call him this, and he's sort of already become "Grandpa's Boy" so what the heck? I've decided to call him Gerald, just so he knows it is his real name, plus I figure when he grows up and gets a professional-type job he'll be comfortable with his grown up name. Now - if I could only convince the Taco to use his real name at the office...

* We went to the county fair on Sat. Last year we saw the Chicken King, this year I had a close encounter with the Goat Princess - she was even wearing a tiara. I have to admit, the tiara made me jealous, so jealous that I needed a silver fox (read - sugar flavored) sno-cone and a basket of fried vegetables. So good going down... the next day, ouch. We also looked at all of the animals. Note - steer clear of the poultry barn next year. Something spooked one of the chickens and it tried to fly away, we were showered with sawdust and chicken-shit. I almost cried. People stopped and stared as I tried to clean off G and his stroller with wipes.

* I'm ordering a new toy from W-S this week :) The Beaba baby food maker - and it's from France. We all know about my love for Euro-trash, so, in my book, this is just about the greatest thing ever.

* Remember long ago I wrote about new bedding for my room? Of course you do! The new bedding has been here for quite a while and looks loverly on my bed, but I needed a few more pillow cases, so I ordered them the other week while shipping was free. I ordered two, I paid for two, they sent me three - score! Guess who's going to have a cute matching pillow for her reading chair? This girl.

* There's a plastic Jimminy Cricket sitting on my desk - he makes me smile :)