Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been really drawn to Swedish modern interiors like this (disregard the bedroom - it's atrocious). I think it's the clean lines, and the Marrimekko prints, and the use of color. There are two problems, though:
1. I don't want knock-offs from the big I; I want a real Tulip table, bring on the Saarinen chairs, maybe mix in some expensive wool rugs.
2. After spending more than my mortgage to furnish all of two rooms in the house I would realize I can't live that way - I need stuff, a few frills, some flounces - a few items with warmth.

It's a vicious cycle.


mel_fitz said...

umm ok. we need to talk. how did "the fringe man" davey boy get into your favorites?
went to the yarn store today. lindy (she knows sharon) hooked me up w/ some tips and her knitting group. i am very jolly.
ps. i took a video of kobe and tigger wrestling in the tent today. i will post it. all you can hear is laughing and snarling and nails on nylon.

Amanda said...

Hmm. I agree - it's very pretty to look at, but would be very uncomfortable to live in!

jr_michels said...

I love the style and you can definitely make it work. There are some cute stores in Houghton that sell Swedish and Finnish items. I especially like their dinner sets.