Tuesday, September 30, 2008

first taste (?) of chocolate

I cleaned the floor yesterday - I swear I did. But I also made brownies, which of course create crumbs, because using a plate would delay brownie-eating by four milliseconds. I'm not sure if he actually got the crumbs into his mouth - but this is what he did to his pajamas:

It's not all bad - at least the chocolate was Ghiradelli :)


heather joyce said...

he looks so much older already!

Jericho Rose said...

What an angel.

Laura said...

Too cute! Did you mail me some brownies? :)

lamb said...


i just drooled on my mouse.

mel_fitz said...

look at that little lip!
he should've gotten ahold of the snicker apple salad instead i think. if he had more than 2 teeth.