Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Getting There!

I worked on my pathetic piano area today!




it's getting there

Yes, there is still much to be done. But I am already so pleased with the little changes.

Getting rid of the plastic play kitchen and red rug were a huge improvement. Putting the floor lamp away and bringing in the chair from my bedroom were huge. I remembered I had a few pillow forms from Ikea stashed away, so I wrapped the fabric around one - I like it! And I added a side table that really had no purpose in the den. I'm too chicken to hang art quite yet, so I just tossed a few accesories on top of the piano and called it good enough for now.

Still on the To-Do List:

* Find a sofa table. I actually found this one on CL (I was surprised).

asking $135

Unfortunately I think the finish is too red, and the style is a bit too country. I think I need something a bit cleaner and darker.

* Hang some art. I know I mentioned a print that I have in another room, I'm thinking it just won't work because of the placement of the thermostat (darn!). What do you think about two tall and narrow, modern pieces above the piano? So far this area is very traditional, and directly across from the piano is a modern entertainment center (an Ikea Besta unit, sort of like this). I'm thinking modern art will help to balance the two areas.

* Get a lamp for the side table. I'm going to start at GW, once again I think something with a more modern shape would be nice. While we are talking lamps, what do you think about the finish of the piano lamp? I know my mom bought that lamp in 1987, it's a nice lamp, but I'm not sure I can handle the brass...oil rubbed bronze? black?

* Slipcover the bench with the pillow fabric, and pick up some fun fringe to finish the pillow.

What do you think so far? Your wonderful feedback and ideas got me started on this project, and now I need it as fuel for me to keep going :)

Thanks again, for all of the thoughtful comments!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Because I Know You Love Updates

#1 - Huge thanks to everyone for all of the great feedback on my (currently not-so) Great Room!!

You are awesome and I love you!

We did a little furniture moving and it's already looking better :) I'll be doing a few more things tonight and tomorrow and then should be able to give you a little update (but don't expect too much - we are moving at a snail's pace over here).

Onto the updates.

At the beginning of the year I had a pretty solid set of goals to accomplish before the impending birth of "Bun." I'm going to be honest, I had to reread the original post to remember what they were (not a great sign). Here's the rundown:

Blog more - I was aiming for 3 posts per week, so far that has not happened. It's been a little chaotic around here, so the fact that I have continued to post, and not just abandoned my little house blog, makes me feel like I haven't totally given up. I've got a lot to say and show, just not a lot of time - I will try hard to improve on this!

Try a new recipe each week (and eat out/carry out less) - I've tried quite a few new recipes! But haven't been very good about making sure to try a new one each week. We've also been hit-or-miss with cutting down on carry out. The good news is the foundation repairs have been paid off (and with new money!). And just in time for more foundation repairs...oy.

Get to Church - We have not been regulars at Church. I'd like to blame it on Peanut's behavior during Mass (2 is not an easy age for a Fr. Mike homily), but it comes down to me and Hubs - we're slacking and it's no good.

Baptize the Kiddos - the goal is to have everything ready for a double Baptism (the "Double Dip") and party by my birthday - May 20. I am on track with this goal!!!

Lose Weight - on hold until baby Bun's birth.

House Projects -
The Great Room has been getting a little attention, although not as much as I would like.
Currently turning the office into a big boy room for Peanut. - It's been painted, furniture is almost done, decor is on-track and (most importantly) he is sleeping in his new big boy bed!
Move the office into the den - it's a great big mess, but almost 100% of the office stuff is in the den :)
And then I'd like to paint the hallway - not going to happen any time soon.
And the guest bath - ditto.

So that's where I stand after the first quarter of this year. There's room for improvement and a few "go-me!" moments. I guess that's not too bad.

How have your goals for 2010 been progressing?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Brain is too Busy to Decorate

It's time for my very favorite party :)
Amanda is hosting her world-famous Decorating Dilemmas Party, come and join the fun!

Here's the deal.

This is a chunk of my great room.

I know you want to steal this amazing style

It used to house a dining room table, and buffet - both have been relocated because it felt like my GR had about 37 huge tables in it (really it was 2 large tables and a big island, but it was too much). Two weeks ago a piano arrived (thanks Mom and Dad!), and this week we finally finished a project (I know a WHOLE project - I was amazed! ps - it's the cabinet in the corner). So I've accumulated a few pieces of furniture, but that's where the plan ends.

I think my fetus is eating my brain. I cannot come up with a solid plan for this area.

What I know I need to lose:
* plastic play kitchen - heading to Peanut's room
* mismatched red rug - I love it, but not in this room. Right now it's just protecting the floor from the evil-metal piano-bench feet.
* cheap floor lamp - it's actually left over lighting from a project I was doing, it really belongs in my bedroom.
* 10 lbs, at least (oh wait, we were talking about the room...)

I am thinking about adding:
* a sofa table behind the couch - what finish? pale blue to match the newly-completed cabinet?
* a new area rug. Maybe I can make a large rug like Miss High-Heeled? I need some fabric inspiration.
* this chair from my bedroom (and make a pillow with the fabric (clearance score from Ballard))? I'm afraid the gold in the chair will clash with the yummy-yellow walls.

I have 2 yards of the yummy fabric

* architectural print over piano? I already have one, it's long and skinny (Mackinac Bridge blueprint), and very nicely framed...not quite sold on the idea, though.
* recover, or just slipcover, the piano bench with the Ballard fabric.

What would you do? I'm thinking I can only spend, maybe $250...
Thanks in advance, I'm excited to see your ideas!

a rundown

- Last Thursday he slept in his big boy room for the first time. It was totally no big deal. I mean, he has a choo-choo pillow, so of course his bed is the coolest thing ever. I'm not going to lie, the empty crib in the nursery makes me cry - good thing we're getting a replacement baby soon ;)

sleeping soundly

- The language explosion that is going on at our house is AMZING. I remember learning about this stage in my one-and-only linguistics course (so fun, still makes me think about becoming a linguist), seeing it happen is pretty cool.

- JJ prefers to play "ootside" every day. Yeah! Except, when it is rainy and cold, we have an extreme case of cabin fever. Boo!

- Very interested (borderline obsessed), in all vehicles - especially "dumpie" trucks - robots, rockets, monsters, dragons and dinosaurs (which are apparently interchangeable, probably becasue they all say "RAWR!"), and duplos - because who doesn't like to build stuff?

- Also very into dental hygiene. We brush 4-5 times per day.

Me and Bun:
- Today makes week 34. Six weeks to go. Oy, this is happening fast.

- I am carrying Bun completely different from JJ. I feel like I have someone's feet in my esophagus, I swear this fetus is 27 inches long already. And because of placental-placement, I can feel Bun move so much more than JJ, it's weird and wonderful at the same time.

- I went to Cleveland last weekend to visit my best friends :) Sat night was my first time away from JJ over night. He was totally unfazed, perhaps it was because J let him eat junk food all weekend. I played a viola for the first time in a decade (?) maybe more? Allison was amazed that I could remember the first 8 notes for Twinkle, Twinkle... I am amazed that she let me hold her beautiful new violin.

the a-team
in front of the world's grooviest grass-cloth wallpaper

- Guess who is chairing the Bicentennial Gala Ball for my city in 2012? I'm already planning my outfit... Squeee!

The House:
- We recently paid off the very large loan we took out in Nov. to cover the foundation work we had done. J headed down to the crawl space the other week and looked around...the other walls are moving. Awesome. The good news is this fix will be much less expensive and invasive (power-braces instead of piers), and we really like the company that we are working with. The bad news is - who really wants to spend $8K because 200 years ago some crazy farmers decided to build a city on a swamp?

Monday, April 19, 2010

breaking news!

"A palm tree were purloined from a porch at 132½ N. Main St. recently."

From my favorite news source; I included the grammar mistake for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Life

In my dreams, I craft in a space like this:

Heather Bailey's craft room, found here

In real life, it's more like this:

please send help

Yup. That's my kitchen island.
On a good day - I actually wiped the peanut butter up before laying out my fabric. (score!)

Oh well, in my mind I'm crafting with Martha in a beautiful craft room. With all of the supplies I could ever need, and no interruptions :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Get Ready!

Get ready lovely followers! I feel a marathon blogging session coming on tonight...

I have to wait until Peanut is safely tucked in bed, but after that expect some updates on the happenings around my little house.