Tuesday, August 29, 2006

clean closet!

One of my exciting tasks today was "clean hall closet." You see, I was sick of all the phone books falling every time I went in to get just one, plus it was very dusty. So I cleaned, and I went through all of the coats and mitten/glove/scarf/hat combinations. I do not think I have gotten rid of a single set of mittens or gloves since I left Houghton; I have a donation bag of 15 sets of mittens and gloves, a bunch of scarves and hats, and that count doesn't include all of the single mittens and gloves that were thrown away.

But the best "stuff" came out of the jacket pockets from the old ski jacket I wore at school- I figured I should go through them before I gave the jacket away, common courtesy, right?

Keep in mind, this was a Columbia with many pockets.

The Contents:
* program from Queen's 2001
* myriad of notes from the AGD message board to call "Jacko" - many written on green graphing paper, or obvious Chem Eng scoop exams
* voided check to KFC from 3/2002
* Daily Bull from 2/1/2002, 4/26/2002 and 11/14/2002
* receipts from Jim's - the best one includes 2 bottles of white wine, Jim Beam, vodka, Pepsi and a pasty
* receipts from Greek Personals in the Load
* class schedule and account statement Spring 2002
* interesting rocks
* a quarter

It was kind of fun looking through the pockets, every folded piece of paper brought back a memory.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

post secret

Do you all love Post Secret as much as I do? I found it through Erkia's blog , and I'm addicted. I didn't send this secret in - but it might as well be mine :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

weekend fun

Wedding #4 - Jay and J'nai
What could be better than partying with people you love and dancing all night long? Throw in some Jell-O shots for added excitement and you've got one fun wedding!

No pictures, though, because I was a bit tipsy and took photos in "video" mode all night long. Can someone else please be in charge of the camera for Yeimy's wedding?

Pit Stop at Jori's
My BIL, Kaj, is one of Jori's very close friends from way back and he decided to take me and Jocko to a small engagement party that Jori's mom planned. We stopped by in between Jay and J'nai's ceremony and reception, so we couldn't stay long, but it's always nice to see Jori Lynn. Here's the happy couple :)

Hanging out with Mel
It's tradition, on the way home from Muskegon we generally stop in Zeeland to hang out with Mel, Kobe and Scott for a little bit. This time I brought belated birthday gifts - a baby cell for Kobe and monkeys for Mel. The chihauhau's stayed in their apartment.

Friday, August 18, 2006


OK, so it isn't sunny, but the mail came and I got a package! My purse came from Karen today! It was packed in an incredibly hilarious 1980's Casual Corner box, which made me laugh (and then Karen had commented on it's high cheese-factor in a note she enclosed).

Can I just say that I love this bag?! Karen - it is very well constructed, and I'm going to look v. cute carrying it when I'm running around town.

And there was an envelope in the mail, too (there were actually many envelopes, but this one was better than a bill). The mortgage company over estimated our insurance and taxes for the past year and issued us a healthy check. I know this isn't new money, and truth-be-told it will most likely just get added onto our next mortgage payment, but the thought that I could go buy a new couch or take a nice little vacation is very tempting.

Oh, and I decided to cyber-stalk my ultra crush from high school, Robin Sloan. He is a journalist now, and lives in San Francisco, and from the picture on his site, he is bald and not as attractive as he was in high school. I think I'll stick with my nerdy-engineer, also bald, Taco :)

it's drippy out

It's rainy and gross in the Circle City today, and that makes me feel rainy and gross, too. But I need to make some party food (need suggestions) and get some work done around the house, and make customer calls, and get some invitations into the mail, and go to the post office, etc... and pack for my little trip to Muskegon. Jocko's cousin is getting married this weekend, and we're obviously going -- free beer = family fun!

Monday, August 14, 2006


It is on! We officially have enough people for our own Fantasy Fashion League. So far it's me, Mel, Cat, Crystal and Stephie. I just sent an email to the list with some more info and my address - so check your email! And then email me back :)

And we are going to have a trophy - it will be AbFab, and a great distraction from doing actual work! I'm so excited to hear from everyone;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

we need to do this

So... I was reading Maria's blog and she had mentioned the Fantasy Fashion League. I'm with Crystal and Erika on this - I think it's very cool, so cool that I think we need to start a private league. It will cost $20 per person and the "season" starts Aug. 27 and ends in Feb. I'd be willing to collect the money and register our league, unless someone else had there heart set on it.

So check it out and let me know what you think - I think it'd be a lot of fun :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

quick update

I have been busy this week. But I thought you might enjoy a quick update - I know I do.

*Last weekend was the Brickyard (Nascar race) and we went to a party, which was thrown by one of the secretaries at Jocko's office, Karen. Does anyone remember a Bet Sig named Ghengis? Karen is his stepmother, and he was in town for the race. It was surreal seeing him again, it was as though time had stopped for him - he was doing the exact same things as when he was in college, but he wasn't 21 anymore. I felt sad for him.

*It was rainy yesterday and today, not so good for the walk I am trying to get in everyday, maybe I'll have to do a few laps around Target later :)

*I'm trying a few new recipes over the weekend - if they're good I promise to share.

*Zippy had a bath on Sat. Always fun and exciting.

Gee, I thought I was busy, but I just seem really boring. Oh well, you still love me, right?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

this space for rent

Thank you so much for the blog-name ideas! I have to say that The Taco Times would be fabulous; but as Erika mentioned, this is MY blog, and although I love my husband v. much, this isn't a tribute page. I liked Erika's idea about bee themes, that'll be the vein I'm going for, just looking for the perfect title now.

I also need a new background, this one was just a template I thought was clean and sort of spunky; but it lacks the pre-requisite pink. Where have you found great templates?


* it finally cooled down a little, and I was able to open the blinds! No more mole-age!
* it was super-stormy, I tried to update my blog 4 times, and every time the power would blink, so I just shut the computer down and went shopping instead :)
* I earned my 10 lb. ribbon at Weight Watchers! And I chose not to celebrate with food, imagine that, I went to the scrapbook store instead.
* I found out that the scrapbook store in my little 'burb, which only opened in May, is already closing :( But that meant I scored some major deals. I am addicted to paper, among other things.
* there were two boxes of cereal in my mailbox - I love swag!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

name this blog

My blog needs a name. Something that screams Alanna and is very cool - possible oxymorons?

I am counting on you.


I just realized it is now August. WTF?! The calendar on my desk is set to March, can someone tell me where April, May, June and July went? Because I lost them somewhere.