Monday, August 07, 2006

quick update

I have been busy this week. But I thought you might enjoy a quick update - I know I do.

*Last weekend was the Brickyard (Nascar race) and we went to a party, which was thrown by one of the secretaries at Jocko's office, Karen. Does anyone remember a Bet Sig named Ghengis? Karen is his stepmother, and he was in town for the race. It was surreal seeing him again, it was as though time had stopped for him - he was doing the exact same things as when he was in college, but he wasn't 21 anymore. I felt sad for him.

*It was rainy yesterday and today, not so good for the walk I am trying to get in everyday, maybe I'll have to do a few laps around Target later :)

*I'm trying a few new recipes over the weekend - if they're good I promise to share.

*Zippy had a bath on Sat. Always fun and exciting.

Gee, I thought I was busy, but I just seem really boring. Oh well, you still love me, right?


Kara said...

Of course we still love you!!

I have been to 1 Nascar race and loved it. I can't wait to go again.

What type of recipes are you going to do?

Crystal said...

Zach and Genghis took a snowmobiling trip together a couple of years ago. When I asked Zach how Genghis was doing, he said pretty much what you said. Except for the being sad part. That would be too girly.

Erika said...

Did i ever tell you about my Indiana story? You'll appreciate this now that you live there...

A couple guys I worked with when I lived in Lafayette got tickets to go to the Brickyard and had an extra and offered it to me. I asked "Why would I want to go to a brick yard???"

They wouldn't talk to me for a week. Except to make fun of me and tell others the story.