Tuesday, August 29, 2006

clean closet!

One of my exciting tasks today was "clean hall closet." You see, I was sick of all the phone books falling every time I went in to get just one, plus it was very dusty. So I cleaned, and I went through all of the coats and mitten/glove/scarf/hat combinations. I do not think I have gotten rid of a single set of mittens or gloves since I left Houghton; I have a donation bag of 15 sets of mittens and gloves, a bunch of scarves and hats, and that count doesn't include all of the single mittens and gloves that were thrown away.

But the best "stuff" came out of the jacket pockets from the old ski jacket I wore at school- I figured I should go through them before I gave the jacket away, common courtesy, right?

Keep in mind, this was a Columbia with many pockets.

The Contents:
* program from Queen's 2001
* myriad of notes from the AGD message board to call "Jacko" - many written on green graphing paper, or obvious Chem Eng scoop exams
* voided check to KFC from 3/2002
* Daily Bull from 2/1/2002, 4/26/2002 and 11/14/2002
* receipts from Jim's - the best one includes 2 bottles of white wine, Jim Beam, vodka, Pepsi and a pasty
* receipts from Greek Personals in the Load
* class schedule and account statement Spring 2002
* interesting rocks
* a quarter

It was kind of fun looking through the pockets, every folded piece of paper brought back a memory.


Crystal said...

Aw, that sounds like so much fun (checking the pockets, not cleaning the closet). Sounds like you found some goodies.

Remember when The Daily Bull wrote an article about alph gams being "the hottest sorority on campus"?

alanna rose said...

It's because we are!

Kara said...

I remember reading that in the Daily Bull.

I love cleaning out old jackets. I usually find money, but I am sure there isn't any cash in my current coats.

Laura said...

What a fun find! Chem eng scoop exams???
I didn't know there were any of those. ;)

mel_fitz said...

man, i had to really put some elbow grease into getting that baby food out of the carpet. my arm hurts. my eyes burn from carpet cleaner. talk to you tomorrow.

Danielle McLeod said...

How many phone books do you have?

alanna rose said...

I kept 5 phone books, got rid of 8 - saddest part is we've only been in the area 2 years in Nov. But because it's a metro area the yellow pages is separate from the white and I get books for the county, metro area, west side and township.

jonesy said...

i wonder if we could find that article in the archives

jr_michels said...

Ahhh the memories...

Kara said...

Where is Nino's? I saw mention it on AJ's blog.

karen c konkel said...

lol! The only thing that would have made the pocket finds better is change from the trip to Jim's. I find myself holding onto so many sweaters, gloves, hats, etc because I still feel like I'm living in Houghton. Like the time I went to Aruba with my down jacket. Oops!

Diana Stark said...

The memories......How fun! Cleaning closets - not fun.