Thursday, August 03, 2006


* it finally cooled down a little, and I was able to open the blinds! No more mole-age!
* it was super-stormy, I tried to update my blog 4 times, and every time the power would blink, so I just shut the computer down and went shopping instead :)
* I earned my 10 lb. ribbon at Weight Watchers! And I chose not to celebrate with food, imagine that, I went to the scrapbook store instead.
* I found out that the scrapbook store in my little 'burb, which only opened in May, is already closing :( But that meant I scored some major deals. I am addicted to paper, among other things.
* there were two boxes of cereal in my mailbox - I love swag!

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Crystal said...

Congrats on your 10-lb ribbon. And I'm proud of you for buying paper instead of food. :)