Tuesday, August 01, 2006

name this blog

My blog needs a name. Something that screams Alanna and is very cool - possible oxymorons?

I am counting on you.


Laura said...

Cows will fertilize and mow your lawn at the same time, you totally need one (or many)!

My brain isn't working yet for a title idea. I'll think for a bit.

Crystal said...

Something using the rhyming power of "hose" and "knows." I'll keep thinking about it.

jonesy said...

Hose knows prose



Crystal said...

LOL.. I love it!

Erika said...

You know I'm a fan of the Broccolli. :)

I think something about your Barbie/Mary Kay alter ego should be a part of it. Have I mentioned how shocked I am that your site isn't pink?

Alanna Girl in a Barbie World?
MK Girl in a Barbie World?

great, now i've got "come on barbie let's go party" stuck in my head.

Material Girl??? hmmmmmm.... Immaterial Girl? Get it?

Think Pink? Queen Bee... you mentioned something about bees, right?

Those are my ideas. :)

jonesy said...

the taco times

Kara said...

I would love to help, but I suck at naming blogs. I can't even come up with a creative name for blog.

I vote for Heather's idea...the taco times

AJ said...

ERIKA!!!! That song is in my head now......

'it's fantastic, made of plastic.'

I'll think about the title, but now I'm distracted with that crazy song:)

Erika said...

I LOVE the taco times... but it's not Jacko's blog. and you don't talk about him much really.

but it almost doesn't matter because it's the best name i've ever heard for a blog.

heather... you really do need to move here and work in advertising. you'd be brilliant. and like you said, my boss is cute.