Tuesday, May 26, 2009

three for tuesday

Hey Laura - thanks for the post idea :)

1. We went swimming this afternoon! I managed to get JJ covered in SPF 60, rash guard, hat, and totally forgot to put any sun block on me. My shoulders are toast, but my daily facial SPF get my face free from burns, so that's a bonus :)

2. We are having french toast bake, bacon and strawberries for dinner!

3. Tonight is our last music class for this session. I decided not to sign JJ up for the summer session because we'll be gone quite a bit and we'll be busy at the pool. But we are for sure doing it again in the fall. If you have kids up to 5 years old I highly recommend Music Together classes - they are so much fun.

Friday, May 15, 2009

bonus points

J totally surprised me this afternoon, and made me really happy :)

We were supposed to go to a picnic and fishing tournament for his office; most of the guys in his group are newer hires, only a few are married and I doubt there are any other kids besides JJ...so not really a lot of fun for me at the playground by myself. The picnic was cancelled because the river is high and the current is too swift for good fishing (or something like that). J called to tell me that and I was disappointed because his other option for the day was to go golfing with one of his friends, and then to a cook out. Here's the convo we had:

J: The picnic is canceled.
AR: So you're abandoning us for the day? :(
J: I thought we could go to the zoo.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

So tomorrow we are headed to the zoo, and J has earned himself some bonus points :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

docket goodies

From the good old public docket:

"Police responded to a domestic disturbance Sunday in town after a male found his girlfriend's sex toy, thus violating a mutual agreement in which they each were supposed to get rid of their respective sex toys.

A decorative bowling ball was purloined from a yard Friday on Edgewood Drive."

The best part? The whole town was just in a major uproar because they almost had to lay off 13 police officers. I think the city could save a lot of money if people wouldn't call 911 every time a house is TP'd, or a Nigerian Prince solicits them via email (recurring items from the docket).

Monday, May 11, 2009

hypothetically speaking

If someone,

perhaps this guy:

were to, potentially, disassemble the baby gate before 8:30 AM;



is 8:31 AM an appropriate time for a drink?

PS - that picture is from Mom's Group, at the Church. I don't have couches, or carpet, quite that ugly. :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

yep, i still live here

This morning, I was going to post a link to this story, but then I got busy. I'm not sure what I was doing because I really accomplished nothing today (but JJ and I went for a walk), but I digress.

So, just a minute ago, I check my email before heading to bed, and I see that Yahoo has picked up the story. I KNEW it was gold!

Read it, laugh at it and then remember - I LIVE in this town.

Lord, please bring me a Target.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Yesterday JJ rammed me in the tooth with his head (yes, he managed to land perfectly on just my left front tooth). It has been in pain ever since. I am convinced that he cracked it up in my gum and that my tooth is going to fall out. He, of course, was completely unfazed and laughed his crazy little head off.

I am seriously worried that my tooth is going to turn grey and I will be banned from all social engagements.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

sunday morning

We should be at Church. But JJ is napping, and one of our cardinal rules is to not wake the sleeping baby.

Instead there is laundry running (totally 'forgot' to do any laundry last week) and I am about to de-clutter my closet (big fun!). I've decided to have a garage sale next weekend, we have too much stuff and I would like cash in return. Thank you. Actually, the Oprah has been sending me Peter Walsh's updates and the one that came this week said "Have a Garage Sale," so I said "OKAY!"

I also really want to have a home furnishings swap like Oprah did last week - except, I only plan on inviting my well-off friends so that I have fabulous things to pick from for my house - hehe! In my mind I will come out of it with great designer throw pillows and accessories and they will go home with stuff from TJ Maxx.
This plan is sounding better by the minute :)

Beyond that I have been thinking of starting a second blog - just to throw all of my home keeping/entertaining/cooking stuff on. What do you think? What are the chances I can actually maintain two blogs?