Friday, May 08, 2009

yep, i still live here

This morning, I was going to post a link to this story, but then I got busy. I'm not sure what I was doing because I really accomplished nothing today (but JJ and I went for a walk), but I digress.

So, just a minute ago, I check my email before heading to bed, and I see that Yahoo has picked up the story. I KNEW it was gold!

Read it, laugh at it and then remember - I LIVE in this town.

Lord, please bring me a Target.


Michelle said...

reminds me of Footloose -- I love that movie. But did you ever see the Will & Grace episode when Kevin Bacon is on there and Will does the footloose dance?? It is hysterical!!

I hope you get a Target -- I wouldn't be able to live without one of those nearby...

Laura said...

Rock and roll is allowed here.

If you get a Target before me, I'll hate you forever!

AJ said...

Ha, that Kevin Bacon episode of W&G is the best!

OMG, I thought Fremont was uber-conservative. Holy cripes!

We did have one of those baptist schools in town, but the kids wouldn't talk to the public schoolers, so I don't know if they were allowed rock and roll and dancing or not:)

Lastly....if listening to rock and dancing is 'not chooosing God' like that guys said, then holy crap are we in for some trouble at the pearly gates!

Kathy said...

heard about that on the local news. I hope Tyler has a wonderful time dancing the night away to rock music.