Sunday, May 03, 2009

sunday morning

We should be at Church. But JJ is napping, and one of our cardinal rules is to not wake the sleeping baby.

Instead there is laundry running (totally 'forgot' to do any laundry last week) and I am about to de-clutter my closet (big fun!). I've decided to have a garage sale next weekend, we have too much stuff and I would like cash in return. Thank you. Actually, the Oprah has been sending me Peter Walsh's updates and the one that came this week said "Have a Garage Sale," so I said "OKAY!"

I also really want to have a home furnishings swap like Oprah did last week - except, I only plan on inviting my well-off friends so that I have fabulous things to pick from for my house - hehe! In my mind I will come out of it with great designer throw pillows and accessories and they will go home with stuff from TJ Maxx.
This plan is sounding better by the minute :)

Beyond that I have been thinking of starting a second blog - just to throw all of my home keeping/entertaining/cooking stuff on. What do you think? What are the chances I can actually maintain two blogs?


Lamb said...

"the oprah" = big laugh from me

i cant even keep up with my one blog. i would totally read both of yours tho!

Kathy said...

i would be a double reader too :)

heather said...

I have two and it isn't too bad. I love having one just for house stuff and one for my life. I spend an insane amount of time thinking about my house and doing things to it that it just made sense to put that in a separate blog so anyone who doesn't care about that stuff doesn't have to read it. :)

mel_fitz said...

umm not good but i still think you should :) just sayin'
green crayon pic is priceless.

Danielle Michelle said...

Ummmm....keep 1 blog and put that stuff on here!

Kara said...

I would read both :)