Tuesday, May 26, 2009

three for tuesday

Hey Laura - thanks for the post idea :)

1. We went swimming this afternoon! I managed to get JJ covered in SPF 60, rash guard, hat, and totally forgot to put any sun block on me. My shoulders are toast, but my daily facial SPF get my face free from burns, so that's a bonus :)

2. We are having french toast bake, bacon and strawberries for dinner!

3. Tonight is our last music class for this session. I decided not to sign JJ up for the summer session because we'll be gone quite a bit and we'll be busy at the pool. But we are for sure doing it again in the fall. If you have kids up to 5 years old I highly recommend Music Together classes - they are so much fun.


Pamela said...

What are music together classes? Kayla has really gotten into singing (she's even gotten better than the videos from last week, crazy!) and she loves music.

Michelle said...

I hear ya --- kids always get the sunscreen. I hardly ever do. My daily facial cream has spf 15 in it, too -- that helps :)

Your dinner sounds amazing!! Bacon and strawberries are seriously two of my favorite foods. Not necessarily together -- but that is an added bonus!

Danielle Michelle said...

Hey Alanna - yes he is! Very! lol

Diana said...

I wanted to sign Bret up for something like that (Kindermusik) but Jason was like "ew, music for a boy". Whatever!!

Don't be too busy this summer! We want you to visit us!! Miss you.