Tuesday, May 12, 2009

docket goodies

From the good old public docket:

"Police responded to a domestic disturbance Sunday in town after a male found his girlfriend's sex toy, thus violating a mutual agreement in which they each were supposed to get rid of their respective sex toys.

A decorative bowling ball was purloined from a yard Friday on Edgewood Drive."

The best part? The whole town was just in a major uproar because they almost had to lay off 13 police officers. I think the city could save a lot of money if people wouldn't call 911 every time a house is TP'd, or a Nigerian Prince solicits them via email (recurring items from the docket).


Danielle Michelle said...

HAhahahahaa! What a fun town you must live in!!!

rae rae said...

shut. up. LOL
If some guy ever tried to make me get rid of my vibrator, I'd so get rid of him first. LOL