Friday, January 26, 2007

how exciting!

Happy National Pistachio Day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

all moved in

Yes, we are all moved in :)

In fact, the stove came about 20 mins. ago - yay!

There was one casualty in the move - a potted tree. It froze, and I took pictures because it was too pathetic to not be memorialized. I'll post the "sad tree" picture once I get my printer hooked up.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


The movers come tomorrow. I have really mixed emotions on moving, I'm sad because I really love this house, and I'm excited because the new house is awesome and I'll be closer to my parents. The whole situation is just a jumble and a stress. But very soon we wil be all moved in and settled :)

I thought you all might like the answers from my quiz, although, it seems AJ can give them to you. Roses to AJ, Super-Stalker Extraordinaire.

In my family I am the oldest of four children, I have two brothers and one sister. I have a guinea pig named Zippy, she wears fur pants. I spent my senior year of high school in Germany, although I grew up in Troy. I met Jocko in January of 2000, I was 19. I have lived in three states; Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. My favorite color is pink, and I think everyone got this question right :) My mug name is Barbie Girl. Melanna was my dual nickname with Mel and Alotta Hose was given to me by Laura, I think it was during the Phi Kap Halloween mixer when we all dressed up as fembots? Sad but true fact, in college, when I was totally wasted, I would yell at Jocko in German. I always cry during Beaches, in fact whenever I hear the "Hero" song by Bette Middler, I start to sob. My last term at Tech, Amandaleigh and I would get out of class at noon and head to the Amabassador for a fishbowl, sometimes two, and then truck over to the DT for bubble.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

it's all a bit clearer now

Perhaps you recall me talking about crazy self diagnoses? Well, I was trying to make light of it, but something was not right.

It appears I have found an answer, I have been having panic attacks. Tuesday night I thought I was going to die, I almost called an ambulance. So on Wednesday I vowed to go to the doctor; only problem, we have lived here for two years, and I never found myself a doctor. I ended up at an urgent care place and the nice, old doctor prescribed some At!van in case I felt that way again. He also made me promise to find a doctor as soon as we move.

The moral of the story is to get yourself a doctor! Do this when you are healthy and you will save yourself the stress of having to search for a good one when you are ill.

Monday, January 08, 2007

i'm on hold

Fun day of having the utilities taken out of our names.

Muzak is so awesome :(

new "hobby"

It's 1:45 AM and I can't sleep, so it must be time to blog!

I have found a new hobby - using WebMD to diagnose myself with a myriad of diseases. I know, it is sad.

Most recent diagnoses: diabetes and pulmonary edema. Yeah, for real.

The diabetes ended up being a combination of too little sleep, not enough water and a lot of stress. I actually convinced myself that I was experiencing nerve pain, and I called Jocko at work, in tears, to try and convince him to come back from his trip early to take care of me. Hmmmmmm.

The pulmonary edema ended up being heart burn - I swear, I thought I was having chest pains!

Now, don't think I'm turning into a super hypochondriac. I have not called an ambulance, or scheduled a million doctors appointments; I simply give myself a few hours to decide if I'm really having medical problems, or if the power of suggestion is just a little too much for me to handle.

Friday, January 05, 2007

in case you were wondering...

It is entirely possible to start a fire in your microwave.

1. pop a bag of popcorn for breakfast.
2. do something else while it is popping.
3. return and stare at the horrific amount of smoke pouring out of the microwave.
4. open windows and turn on the fans.

The saddest part is, that was the last bag of popcorn, and I am still really craving popped goodness :(

Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. We closed on our new house last week.
2. We move in Jan 19th.
3. Christmas was very nice, we spent a good amount of time with both of our families.
4. Jocko bought me pearls :)
5. I had so much fun seeing everyone at GLI.
6. In fact, I was still "having fun" at 6:00 PM the next day.
7. And then I had to buck up and be charming at my mom's Christmas party.
8. Oyster crackers have no magical healing properties, but my mom's chili does.
9. I saw Night at the Museum on New Year's Eve.
10. It was super cute.