Thursday, January 26, 2012

cute hair, yucky outfits

I left you hanging after I fretted over my new hair cut.

I got bangs!
I love them!
I have been doing my hair everyday (some days it's cuter than others), but I definitely feel more put together than I did just running around with a ponytail everyday.

Last night I experimented with going to bed with wet hair...honestly it was less an experiment and more me being too tired to properly dry my hair.

This is how I woke up:


And then I added a hat...hand-knits from Mom tend to make life better.

Not really an improvement.

Then I just really needed some coffee, and home brew was not going to cut it. So I actually left the house looking like this:

attention Walmart shoppers...

I assume you are all denying having a friendship with me. I totally understand.
(At least it was just the Starbucks drive thru, if I was actually going to get out of the car I would have put a bra** on.)

This is unacceptable; I feel awful when I look like this. So this week I'm going to put in more effort when getting dressed, and I'm going to take some more grainy pics (perhaps they'll all be in the old mirrored closet doors living in my garage), and then I will have a cute What I Wore Wednesday post to share next week :)

** I have been completely sucked into ads for the Genie Bra. I'm beginning to believe in its magical properties (the ability to lift and separate all). I swear I saw a display at Target...

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PS - I meant to publish this yesterday, but my internet connection has a mind of its own...

Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm not much for resolutions.
Some years I make lists of goals, usually they are abandoned by Feb 3.

I saw a few people choose a word for the year.
I like this idea, so I'm doing it too.

tra·di·tion [truh-dish-uhn] noun

1. the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice: a story that has come down to us by popular tradition.
2. something that is handed down: the traditions of the Eskimos.
3. a long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting: The rebellious students wanted to break with tradition.
4. a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices.
5. a customary or characteristic method or manner: The winner took a victory lap in the usual track tradition.

And, because I cannot hear the word 'tradition' without hearing Topol; I'll leave you with a Fiddler on the Roof clip.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

weekend makeovers

Working on a few makeovers this weekend.

Sitting in my kitchen...

Because we are refreshing the laundry room. Woohoo!

I planned ahead.
Washed all of the laundry.
We should be set until Monday (when the laundry room will be back together)...
Except #2 wet through his diaper.

But then the best thing happened.
I called a friend to see if we could visit and do a little laundry.
That means I have friends! Not just the kind that you wave at from the car during preschool drop off.
The kind that let you co-mingle wet-flannel crib sheets.
And eat frozen pizza with you, while the kids run around like banshees.

It's so nice to have friends :)

The second makeover of the weekend...

I'm going back to something like this.
But maybe some bold bangs.
Or something like that.

Friday, January 13, 2012

my winter mantle

I made my mantle purdy for the winter.

i see a blue duplo

Gold, sparkle, peaceful, so different from the sea of duplos, legos, dinosaurs and star wars toys on the floor below the mantle.

The little elephant came from an antique store run with my MIL.

elephant noise. really, how would you write that?

A happy place for me.

do we like the watermark?

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a plan of attack and a menu - shazzam!

Mon night, as Hubs was tossing the boys into the tub, I checked my email. There was a friendly reminder from #1's preschool teacher to remember boots and snow pants for recess.

Boot and Snow Pants...
Yeah, I meant to buy some, and then there was no snow, etc etc...oops!

So I found myself at Kohl's and Target at 8 PM (word to the wise - Target still has everything and it's on clearance).
Don't worry, the little man was appropriately dressed for preschool recess (there's not a ton of snow, but it was 10 degrees). In fact he even got in trouble for starting a snowball fight.
That's my boy!

Anyway, in an effort to prevent more late night runs for necessities, I have devised a list of goals for this week:

Organize Tupperware cabinet
Clean up Christmas (note - not "put away" just neaten up the new stuff)
Clean the fridge
Attack the pantry (if you don't hear from me, call the authorities)

It's a short list, because it's a short work week :) and since I know you were on pins and needles - I accomplished my list from before Christmas.
Go me.

Now for the menu:
Tues: l- soup, d- pork chops, apples, spaetzle
Wed: l- grilled cheese, d- chicken and rice bake, roasted tomatoes
Thurs: l- PB&J, d- ham, zucchini, strawberries
Fri: l- soup, d- leftovers
Sat: b- cereal, l- leftovers, d- quiche, broccoli, salads
Sun: b- waffles (I got a waffle maker for Christmas!), l- mac&cheese/leftovers, d- tater-tot casserole, fruit

Cheers to a New Year!