Tuesday, January 03, 2012

a plan of attack and a menu - shazzam!

Mon night, as Hubs was tossing the boys into the tub, I checked my email. There was a friendly reminder from #1's preschool teacher to remember boots and snow pants for recess.

Boot and Snow Pants...
Yeah, I meant to buy some, and then there was no snow, etc etc...oops!

So I found myself at Kohl's and Target at 8 PM (word to the wise - Target still has everything and it's on clearance).
Don't worry, the little man was appropriately dressed for preschool recess (there's not a ton of snow, but it was 10 degrees). In fact he even got in trouble for starting a snowball fight.
That's my boy!

Anyway, in an effort to prevent more late night runs for necessities, I have devised a list of goals for this week:

Organize Tupperware cabinet
Clean up Christmas (note - not "put away" just neaten up the new stuff)
Clean the fridge
Attack the pantry (if you don't hear from me, call the authorities)

It's a short list, because it's a short work week :) and since I know you were on pins and needles - I accomplished my list from before Christmas.
Go me.

Now for the menu:
Tues: l- soup, d- pork chops, apples, spaetzle
Wed: l- grilled cheese, d- chicken and rice bake, roasted tomatoes
Thurs: l- PB&J, d- ham, zucchini, strawberries
Fri: l- soup, d- leftovers
Sat: b- cereal, l- leftovers, d- quiche, broccoli, salads
Sun: b- waffles (I got a waffle maker for Christmas!), l- mac&cheese/leftovers, d- tater-tot casserole, fruit

Cheers to a New Year!


Stephie said...

I need to start planning things better and work on proportions. I forget that I'm cooking for one and a toddler and I can only eat left overs for so many days. I have been throwing away soo much food lately :/

TheKels1721 said...

@Stephie, Look up meals for two online and you'll find a bunch of links with recipes portioned for 1 or 2 people. (I cook for myself and toddler also, and he doesn't usually eat what I make. :( I hate leftovers and food waste - freezing stuff also helps!) Good luck!

Danielle Michelle said...

Want to come cook for me? Missed you at Christmas!