Saturday, January 14, 2012

weekend makeovers

Working on a few makeovers this weekend.

Sitting in my kitchen...

Because we are refreshing the laundry room. Woohoo!

I planned ahead.
Washed all of the laundry.
We should be set until Monday (when the laundry room will be back together)...
Except #2 wet through his diaper.

But then the best thing happened.
I called a friend to see if we could visit and do a little laundry.
That means I have friends! Not just the kind that you wave at from the car during preschool drop off.
The kind that let you co-mingle wet-flannel crib sheets.
And eat frozen pizza with you, while the kids run around like banshees.

It's so nice to have friends :)

The second makeover of the weekend...

I'm going back to something like this.
But maybe some bold bangs.
Or something like that.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Holy cow - that would look fab on you. Bold bangs gets my vote!

Paula said...

Laundry room makeover? Lucky you! Friends are the best!