Friday, February 29, 2008

fingers crossed

I had my appt this morning at 7:30, that was kind of early so I decided that McD's breakfast was in order after that :)

Peanut weighs approx. 8 lbs. 9 oz. and I had no change from last week :( so I've decided it's time to at least schedule an induction. The nurse will call me this afternoon and we'll get it all set up. I would still like to go into labor by myself, but it'll be nice to have a definite end date.

My head is not working properly - I can't focus long enough to create whole thoughts. It's probably a good thing I have nothing more to do than make the bed (if that) and watch Dr. Phil. And hope that I don't have a leap freak - although my mom has convinced me that if I go into labor on my own and have the baby today that it would be sort of cool, but planning a baby for today is a little sketchy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

exciting news

The nursing bras I ordered are ready for pick up at Penny's.

That was the news you were waiting to hear, right?

I have an OB appt on Fri - and I'm praying that she'll check me and say "Whoa - 6cm! Let's get you to the hospital!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

peanut, get out!

I am issuing 8 day notice for EVICTION. Tenant will have 8 days in which s/he can either gather his/her belongings and promptly vacate the premises, or wait until the final day. After which, s/he will be physically removed from the property.

Tennant is being evicted due to breech of contract and destruction of property. Expansions only to the FRONT of the house, within reasonable limits, were discussed. Not only have these limits been exceeded, but additions to the back of the house were also made!

Remodeling and gutting of the home was never approved, nor was changing the initial layout and base structure. And due to property damage, there are now leaks in both the upper AND lower levels of the home. On top of which, the landlord has received numerous complaints about nightly disturbances.

After 8 days from this day that s/he doesn’t comply with the notice will result in immediate and forceful removal at my discretion.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Peanut is still baking.

But somewhere between the taco chips and rice and beans at lunch, it dropped a bit. I waddled out of the restaurant :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

sunday fun

Today I slept in, guilted J into getting me donuts and hot chocolate for lunch and went to the mall. Our mall is pretty disappointing, but they have a bookstore, and I needed a baby book. I bought a Babar baby book, because I love that French elephant so much :) I've been busily filling out pages and scanning photos/ ordering reprints. I also finally put some pictures in a frame that my SIL gave me for Christmas. Yes, the picture I took is somewhat lacking, but I'm not feeling really motivated right now.

Today is also my little sister's 21st birthday :)She partied it up last night, along with my brothers (so sad all four of us weren't together), and my mom and dad went out to Kalamazoo to take her out for a birthday meal. I'm sure my parents are just wiping their brows, and heaving huge sighs of relief that another one of their kids has made it to 21 without an MIP ;)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

baby pool, etc.

Here's the pool:

Feb 26: Allison, girl; Cat, girl
Feb 27: Stephie, boy
Feb 28:
Feb 29: Becky, girl; Skrubby, boy
Mar 1: Diana, girl; Heather S, girl; Sonya, boy
Mar 2: AJ, girl; Lambrina, boy
Mar 3: Kara, girl
Mar 4: Kathy, girl
Mar 5: Jericho, girl
Mar 6: Erika, girl; Yeimy, girl
Mar 7: Head, boy; Melissa, boy
Mar 8: Laura Lynn, girl

And Danielle gave no date, but thinks Peanut is a girl.
My own guess is Feb 28 (because no one else picked it) and girl. We'll see how it all plays out :)

I really want to clean the house, from top to bottom, but I have suddenly become exhausted and uncomfortable. I made the bed and felt like I'd run a marathon. So I made my list and it's one-thing-at-a-time, and then a little rest (and some raspberry tea!). The only thing I can't clean is the baseboards, and they are haunting me!

J is currently in the crawl space putting in the last bit of insulation. And I am off to dust every room and then do all of the floors.

Friday, February 22, 2008

still baking

OB appt - 3cm and 70%

The Dr. seemed pretty confident that we will have a baby by the end of next week :) Although, I'm not going to hold my breath becuase I know a lot of people who have been at 3 cm for weeks.

But progress is good- right?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I made the best roast chicken for dinner tonight. Martha had a chef on a while ago (I was watching an episode from the DVR) and he said to soak the chicken in warm water for twenty minutes to (a) help the chicken to cook more evenly and (b) "purge" the meat of some of the old juices. So I did, and then just rubbed the bird with olive oil and salt and pepper and then roasted him (I didn't even truss the legs) at 450, basting every ten minutes, until he reached 170. It was sooooo good.

And I made some yummy mashed potatoes, and we had strawberries.

I am so full :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Peanut Room

The room is all done! Well, almost, you'll notice a few things on the changing table that need to be hung, and I don't quite have the window treatment figured out. I'm thinking roller shade, with sheers for privacy during the day (the room is at the front of our house, and we have a ranch) and then the super cute valance that came with the bedding. And we need a rug, I found a frise that would be perfect, except I'm thinking the combination of baby spit-up and frise isn's so appetizing.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the room, there are lots of monkeys :)

My mom made this for my room when I was little (I had a Big Bird obsession), and I just found it this week, so I hung it up in the doorway :)

guess who's in labor?

Jennifer Lopez.

I'm a bit envious.

Time for a baby pool to distract me, my due date is March 5th. When do you think Peanut will arrive? And, will Peanut be pink or blue?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

still waiting

OK, so it's really two weeks (and one day, but who's counting?) until Peanut is due, but I have it in my head that tomorrow will be THE day - we'll see. On Sat I started to feel huge, up until that point I'd been relatively comfortable in my pregnancy. I'm not sure what made me super uncomfortable, but now I am crabby.

I need a caution sign around my neck.

I also need to call the insurance company because they are acting silly, I'm not really looking forward to that. But, I had a message yesterday from the accountant and I think our taxes are all done!! This is the first time we'll be filing on time (even early) in a few years :)

I will post pictures of Peanuts green room later!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

know what?

I think I'd like to not be pregnant.
I think I'd like Peanut to be born today.

Ha, fat chance.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

still in there

Peanut is still in the cozy Peanut accomodations that I am providing.

I had my BPP this morning, and my mom was in town so she got to see the Peanut! I think she was really excited about that :) Peanut put on a good baby show, so no NST - yay! And we got a few really good 3D images of the baby's face, even though it's little nose was squished right up against the placenta.

I have my OB appt this afternoon, and this is the first week they'll be checking for any progress ( I was scheduled for last week, but with the flooding the office was closed, and it seemed a bit ridiculous to reschedule and then have another appt in 3 days). So I will let you know how that all works out. Plus, the nursery is basically done, I just need to take a few pictures and post them.

*Update* I am at 1.5 cm and 20%

Monday, February 11, 2008


Was anyone else (especially those married to other Techies) feeling a bit superior to their spouses/boyfriends because of the Carnival results?

It took all I had not to perform the happy dance as I told J about how we totally OWNED Carnival :)


J and I had a good weekend; tied up a lot of loose ends and are feeling a lot more baby-ready.

On Sat BRU called to let us know the crib was in! So we drove up to Toldeo to pick it up. They must have been having some sort of event because the store was beyond packed; I'm glad all we needed to do was pick up the bed and leave, I had no tolerance level for that many people. O!d Navy is right next door (another store we don't have nearby) and we stopped in because I am so sick of all of my maternity clothes. Really, I wear the same 4 shirts over and over again. I love my dresses, but I'm no good at housekeeping in them, plus my legs get cold. So I broke out the big bucks and bought two whole t-shirts! I figure they'll tide me over for the next few weeks. I took a nap on the way home (more than 20 min in the car and I am out), and J woke me up to see if I wanted Starbicks (why yes! I did!). Sometimes he's right on it :)

In 9 days Peanut will technically be fully cooked - I think Feb. 20 is an excellent day to have a baby - don't you? I'm trying really hard to be patient, but I just want to meet Peanut and cuddle. I might be bribing the baby with promises of private school and college tuition.

PS - J spray painted the bassinet in the garage, now I just need to paint a few of the spindles green and it'll be all perfect :)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


A mattress arrived today for the family bassinet. Hooray!

The problem is we haven't yet painted the bassinet. Well, last night we tried to, but the bed is just so spindle-y - it is super annoying to paint. I'd like to spray paint it. But this is Feb in Ohio, not exactly ideal spray painting conditions.

What to do?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I woke up at 4:30 with a burning desire to organize, clean and do laundry. If I felt this way everyday we would live in the cleanest house in America and I would have my own show on TLC.

The baby clothes are washed, I have sorted and organized everything, and the nursery is (finally) starting to come together. I found a recipe that I am now dying to try (tomorrow, it would be cruel to make this on Ash Wed), and I'm now planning meals for the rest of the month.

I am so productive.

*is anyone else having issues with spellcheck in blogger? I can't get it to run and it's bothering me (maybe it's a vista issue?).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Happy Super Tuesday!

All day long I was planning on voting. Holly (my one-and-only friend in OH) organized a very small (and very nice!) shower for me tonight, and my plan was to vote and then head over to the restaurant. I arrived at my appointed polling place, and the building was locked! I was ticked off, called Jocko and read him the voting notice we had recieved in the mail.

We were both stumped.

And then I read the notice one more time, our voting date is March 4. D'oh! As that is one day before Peanut's due date (and the actual date of birth according to Kathy), I'm going to register for absentee ballots for both of us tomorrow.

Friday, February 01, 2008


Peanut did not pass the BPP today, it was just too sleepy. So that meant I got a non stress test, gee was that fun. Mostly it was boring, but Peanut had a major case of the hiccups, and therefore it's little heartbeat was all over the place. The nurse let me know that the Dr. might send me in for 23 hour observation (seriously, I have things to do!). Thankfully my Dr. looked at the NST tape and said the baby was fine :)

Next week Peanut and I are going to have little talk before we go in for our test.