Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I woke up at 4:30 with a burning desire to organize, clean and do laundry. If I felt this way everyday we would live in the cleanest house in America and I would have my own show on TLC.

The baby clothes are washed, I have sorted and organized everything, and the nursery is (finally) starting to come together. I found a recipe that I am now dying to try (tomorrow, it would be cruel to make this on Ash Wed), and I'm now planning meals for the rest of the month.

I am so productive.

*is anyone else having issues with spellcheck in blogger? I can't get it to run and it's bothering me (maybe it's a vista issue?).


Kathy said...

yes with spellcheck, I thought it was with buckeye cable. If you feel tha much like cleaning, when do you want to come over?

jr_michels said...

what candy vendors did you research? can you send me the info? thanks

mel_fitz said...

could you please come and nest at my house?

Kathy said...

Do you, Jocko and Peanut need a life jacket yet?