Friday, February 01, 2008


Peanut did not pass the BPP today, it was just too sleepy. So that meant I got a non stress test, gee was that fun. Mostly it was boring, but Peanut had a major case of the hiccups, and therefore it's little heartbeat was all over the place. The nurse let me know that the Dr. might send me in for 23 hour observation (seriously, I have things to do!). Thankfully my Dr. looked at the NST tape and said the baby was fine :)

Next week Peanut and I are going to have little talk before we go in for our test.


AJ said...

NSTs are eye-pokingly boring if the baby isn't cooperative!

Kara said...

I remember NSTs with the twins. It was so hard to get both of them on the tape. Once would move and then I would have to try and find the heartbeat again.

Glad you didn't have to go in for observation!!!

Charlie and Kara said...

I would always schedule my NSTs for first thing in the morning. I would walk (1/4 mile) to my appointment so Patrick would be wide awake, then I would count enough movements and fall back to sleep (the nurses always forgot about me and sometimes I had to wait for the doctor to get in). I think I already told you, Patrick had the hiccups a lot when he was on the monitor. My nurses never knew what was going on but the doctor would always come in and say that it was a good sign. I was thinking about it more and I had BPPs and NSTs twice a week. If you have any questions feel free to ask!