Saturday, February 23, 2008

baby pool, etc.

Here's the pool:

Feb 26: Allison, girl; Cat, girl
Feb 27: Stephie, boy
Feb 28:
Feb 29: Becky, girl; Skrubby, boy
Mar 1: Diana, girl; Heather S, girl; Sonya, boy
Mar 2: AJ, girl; Lambrina, boy
Mar 3: Kara, girl
Mar 4: Kathy, girl
Mar 5: Jericho, girl
Mar 6: Erika, girl; Yeimy, girl
Mar 7: Head, boy; Melissa, boy
Mar 8: Laura Lynn, girl

And Danielle gave no date, but thinks Peanut is a girl.
My own guess is Feb 28 (because no one else picked it) and girl. We'll see how it all plays out :)

I really want to clean the house, from top to bottom, but I have suddenly become exhausted and uncomfortable. I made the bed and felt like I'd run a marathon. So I made my list and it's one-thing-at-a-time, and then a little rest (and some raspberry tea!). The only thing I can't clean is the baseboards, and they are haunting me!

J is currently in the crawl space putting in the last bit of insulation. And I am off to dust every room and then do all of the floors.


AJ said...

Nesting is a good sign! The day before Ava was born, I dusted under my bed. Now how does a woman 9 months pregnant fit under a bed that's only like 16-18 inches off the ground?? I still don't know how it happened. Maybe that 'pushed' her down into the exit tunnel:) I say try that before the other 'strategies.' It was just last week we were having the discussion on how to get labor started...and how at 9 mos pregnant, there's nothing 'recreational' about adult relations. They are simply a tool to get labor started:)

Baby Love said...

I am hoping for Feb 29th! I think that it's a girl too!

I found that it was a little helpful to stock my freezer full of food, since it will be God-who-knows-how-long before you are able to grocery shop!

Laura said...

It's Sunday. I need a Peanut Status Report. :)

jr_michels said...

I guess I forgot to guess girl or boy. I say a girl...

Diana said...

March 1 @ 2:53am, girl, 8lbs 9oz