Monday, October 18, 2010

big news!

From my local paper:

"Three frozen cheeseburgers and a sweatsuit were missing Sunday from 532½ S. Main St., 111."

Better lock up the freezer, there's a cheeseburger thief on the loose!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

i figure it's about time for a new post

What can I say? Life is freaking busy.

Boys - both are adorable and wonderful. Except that ever since Max hit 4 months, he has decided it is super-duper important to wake up at least 3 times a night. So I could totally live without that.

Also, he can't decide if he is a happy and round baby, or a really upset and round baby. He is for sure round, especially when compared to JJ.

Max stats - 4 months
15 pounds - 50th percentile
25 inches - 50th percentile

I'm pretty sure JJ always hung out around the 10th percentile. What I know for sure is that JJ is still wearing size 4 diapers (I'm sure he could do 5's, but hello?! they cost more!), and I just stuck Max in a size 3 for bedtime (because if I have to change one more sheet at 3AM, I am going to scream. Also, all of the sheets might be in a giant ball in the washer...). Draw your own conclusions, I think Max is going to give JJ a run for his money one day ;)

you can tell it was a momentous occasion because my hair is in a towel
and I'm wearing a bath robe

Last night Max had his first bites of "food." It was a big step for me. JJ had food for the first time at 6 months, and he had delicious mashed banana - unprocessed and wonderful, he's been a total fruit-arian ever since. Giving Max rice cereal at 4 months sort of made me a bit uneasy. Maybe I'm just crazy (probably). Anyway, he managed to ingest a little bit of it, and he seemed to like it (no tears, lots of grunting), but he hasn't pooped since he ate it, and he didn't magically sleep through the night after eating (I was totally hoping that would happen) - so I'm still on the fence. We ended up at a corn maze/pumpkin patch for the evening and came home too late for baby mealtime, so I just nursed him :)

I know I have more, but coherent-sentence-formation is eluding me. So here are JJ and J running through the corn maze.

ps - JJ is totally wearing his sunglasses upside down

Friday, October 01, 2010

Busy Bees

We have been swamped the last two weeks!

September brought a new Service League year, and has been consuming a large amount of my free time; the rest of my time is consumed by these two little monkeys.

Peanut and Bun
Hiking Monkeys!

Last week Hubs was out of town. And this week Bun has been a sick little baby :(

In fact, Wednesday night (midnight-ish) I came this close to taking him to the ER. He was crying so hard that I had no idea what else to do. Then, just as I was changing out of my pj's he calmed down and went to sleep (Hubs was holding him and patting his little back). A few of my friends suggested Gripe Water, and we have used it a few times in the past two days and it has been amazing!

We have our happy little baby back!!

Anyway, we have a busy weekend ahead:
* 5K in the morning - the one I mentioned here
* Wrap up the Service League Garage Sale Fundraiser - I cleaned most of the closets and moved a bunch of stuff out of the house!
* Put out the fall decor
* Tidy up the master bedroom - it *might* look like a tornado went through *maybe*

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

PS - Welcome to my new followers!