Thursday, June 24, 2010

little helper

JJ loves Max.

He loves to hold him, and read to him, bring him trucks and "Super Guys." He always knows where Max's binky is hiding and when he fusses JJ will tell him "It OK, I right here!"

Today he helped with bath time.

splashing in the tub

The floor was wet, JJ was wet, I was wet and Max was clean.

We were all happy :)

My To-Do List

Everyday I make myself a list, it keeps me motivated, yada yada yada.

I really just adore lists.

But I have a question: if your list looks like this, can you automatically cross everything off?

a list for Thursday, modified by Peanut

*yep - I had a load of laundry labeled "poop" - we had multiple diaper-fails this morning, so I am taking myself to the drive-thru for coffee therapy this afternoon

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Old College Try

I've not done very much with my little home lately.

I've been busy ;)

I decided that today was my day to jump back into pursuits of home beatification, at least temporarily - okay, so for like 20 minutes I could do something around here.

I chose the front door.

incredibly boring people live here

Earlier this week my mom was in town and I jumped on the opportunity to visit Hobby Lobby by myself. It was fabulous, and all of the silk plants were half off.

This is where you all recoil in horror - Silk plants! The shame! - they aren't my first choice, either. But after a few years of trying to get something to grow in my worse-than-full-shade planting box, I decided to just go faux. I needed some color!

color! better than a spray tan

I haphazardly threw the "arrangement" together. I don't get many front door visitor - the UPS man does not count because he ignores the little "please don't ring the bell."sign I put out during nap time - so I'm looking for some impact from the street.

I threw the floral foam into the bottom of my planter, and then literally jammed the floral stems into it. I didn't even take the time to cut the stems apart or anything (I might do that later, but probably not).

don't tell Martha

Then I swapped out my spring wreath for my summer one, pulled out a little table I've had in storage for years and plunked a giant pinwheel in the planter box.

a bit more summery

I now realize that my summer wreath is incredibly faded - the bright colors have turned almost autumnal - so I'll be on the lookout for a fresh replacement. The little table obviously needs something, I think it would look cheerful with a potted fern on top (which might not die in such a shaded spot) and a garden statue at the base. And I'm undecided on the pinwheel (I think it might be too big?). I'd also like to add a smaller planter full of more silk flowers and maybe a few real live ivy plants trailing out of the planter box.

Who has some feedback for me?

figuring it out

It's been three weeks since we brought Max home. He's growing like a weed! And he is making about 2 thousand dirty diapers every day ;)

I'm figuring out how to take care of both boys, take care of the house (a little, totally comes second or third on the list), and try to eek out a little time for myself so that I remain sane.

JJ and Max are not on the same page concerning naps. It would be so nice if they napped at same time, but they don't (at least not yet). I can look at this in a negative way ( no nap for mommy!), or I can see it as a positive thing. I'm choosing positive - how great is it that even though I have two boys, I can get uninterrupted alone time with each of them? Looking at it this way makes me feel much more positive :)

House work is sliding, I'm trying to be okay with it. Actually, I have so much more energy than I did towards the end of my pregnancy, that I am definitely accomplishing more than I was - so I at least feel like I am gaining ground. So far I've been able to make sure we all have clean clothes and are fed each night. Sometimes the dishes get done before bed, but not always. Today I vacuumed and swept! Woohoo!

I have one golden rule, I get a shower every day. It might not happen until 10:30 PM, but I get a few minutes of peace and quiet once a day :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

a helicopter story

Watching JJ communicate is very entertaining.

This evening, while playing with his blue helicopter (blue 'copter) he suddenly stopped, raised his index finger (this is his "I have an idea!" pose) and said "Yellow 'copter!!" I asked him where it was and he responded (finger up) "In the car!" It was, he remembered he had left it in the car after running errands this morning.

I told him that Daddy would help him get it from the car in just a few minutes. He responded by clasping his little hands together and saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" because we are all about DRAMA.

Then he turns away and says "Yellow copter, in the car?" and in a deep voice responds "Yes. I stuck."

I couldn;t help but laugh :)

A Completed "Project"

Last Wednesday I finished a little project I've been working on for about...40 weeks ;)

Our little Bun arrived on Wed. May 26 at 10:50 AM, he was 8lbs. 2 oz. and 20.5 inches long.

Big brother Peanut already loves him to pieces :)