Friday, June 18, 2010

figuring it out

It's been three weeks since we brought Max home. He's growing like a weed! And he is making about 2 thousand dirty diapers every day ;)

I'm figuring out how to take care of both boys, take care of the house (a little, totally comes second or third on the list), and try to eek out a little time for myself so that I remain sane.

JJ and Max are not on the same page concerning naps. It would be so nice if they napped at same time, but they don't (at least not yet). I can look at this in a negative way ( no nap for mommy!), or I can see it as a positive thing. I'm choosing positive - how great is it that even though I have two boys, I can get uninterrupted alone time with each of them? Looking at it this way makes me feel much more positive :)

House work is sliding, I'm trying to be okay with it. Actually, I have so much more energy than I did towards the end of my pregnancy, that I am definitely accomplishing more than I was - so I at least feel like I am gaining ground. So far I've been able to make sure we all have clean clothes and are fed each night. Sometimes the dishes get done before bed, but not always. Today I vacuumed and swept! Woohoo!

I have one golden rule, I get a shower every day. It might not happen until 10:30 PM, but I get a few minutes of peace and quiet once a day :)


Laura said...

Hurray for showers!
I think about once a month all three of mine will nap at the same time. I want to celebrate when it happens, but I'm afraid I'll wake one!
I can not keep up on the house ever. Laundry is the hardest thing ever. How do people so tiny make so much laundry???

AJ said...

Glad to hear it's going well. The 'balance' comes back eventually, it just takes some time.

As for housework, um, if my heathens didn't follow me around undoing everything I've just accomplished, I'd be a lot further along!

Enjoy the newborn stage, it passes by soooooo quickly!