Thursday, June 03, 2010

a helicopter story

Watching JJ communicate is very entertaining.

This evening, while playing with his blue helicopter (blue 'copter) he suddenly stopped, raised his index finger (this is his "I have an idea!" pose) and said "Yellow 'copter!!" I asked him where it was and he responded (finger up) "In the car!" It was, he remembered he had left it in the car after running errands this morning.

I told him that Daddy would help him get it from the car in just a few minutes. He responded by clasping his little hands together and saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" because we are all about DRAMA.

Then he turns away and says "Yellow copter, in the car?" and in a deep voice responds "Yes. I stuck."

I couldn;t help but laugh :)


Crystal said...

That is too cute!

Lamb said...


Laura said...

Cute! Cute!

Danielle Michelle said...

LOL!!! How's the babe?

Michelle said...

adorable :)

Congrats on baby Maxwell!! Can't remember if I already told you... but that was on our list of boy names :)