Wednesday, June 01, 2011

things i will miss

I'm sitting on my deck, watching the sun go down.

I love this backyard.

I loved this backyard in the tundra like conditions of Ohio in late November, when we were house shopping and I was dreading moving back to this little city. Something about the frozen grass, big deck and mature trees felt so welcoming; the icing this house, and that move, needed so that I would feel like everything was going to work out just fine. Then in the spring I discovered the moss that thrives in the yard, the lichen on those big old trees that the builder left instead of clear cutting before developing the land.

There is a brown picket fence surrounding the back. I actually thought we would tear it down(!), I'm so glad we didn't get to that project. It's so sweet to see the squirrels running from picket to picket. And it does an excellent job of corralling the kids, making my job so much easier.

I'm not sure what my new backyard will bring...


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ooo--moving and kids. Hope everything goes very smoothly for you. :) You can do it!!!

Laura said...

I'm sending you lots of roses and hugs!!