Wednesday, March 02, 2011

these sippy cups are killing me

On Saturday I am hosting a Super Hero Birthday Extravaganza.
I should be sewing super hero capes (complete with lightning bolt monogram).

My town is slowly recovering from some pretty awful flooding.
I should be making meals for my water-logged friends.

Instead I am dealing with this.

Because a sippy cup full of milk leaked on the couch in my office.
And then it sat.

The cushion has a down top.


I'm hoping I can resurrect the cushion, and that the cover will dry quickly. But all sippy cups have now been banished (well, I'm hiding away two for long car trips). He's turning three - he'll just have to make do with real cups, and learn to sit at the table when he wants a drink.

He'll probably deal with this change better than the next one I'm planning...

bye, bye binky


AJ said...

I've washed my couch cushions many, many times!

Let me know what binky tricks work when the time comes. I think I'll have a battle there, too. Jonah is a binky addict. It's not gonna be pretty.

Danielle Michelle said...

LOL - things to look forward to. My girlfriend has a sippy cup that won't leak. It has something in it. Not like that was too much help - but there it is!

I'm so glad Wy decided the binky wasn't that great after 3 months.

Kara said...

I am dealing with the thumb and C is is a challenge...let me know if you have any ideas for knocking this one.

Laura said...

I hear you on the couch cushions. We will not be getting any new furniture for at least 10 more years. ;)

Please take detailed notes on the binky removal. Levi LOVES his.

heybubba said...

dude! you gotta stop buying taco seasoning and make your own. it tastes sooooooooo much better. and you have control of all the ingredients!

this is what i use:

i make a huge batch and store it in an old garlic glass jar

Jericho Rose said...

I'm dreading the day I will have to wash the couch cushions, but it will be from dirty four legged pets.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you try the Crunchy Potato Soft Tacos! Let me know what you think of them if you do!

Good luck with the binky! :-)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, girl, bummer! My oldest dumped a bunch of milk in the car a few years back. Mine are only allowed to drink water outside of the kitchen. :s

Pamela said...

I tried to hand wash my couch cushion and it shrunk. Ugh. Now I'm on the hunt for a cover. I tried to give Ashlyn a sippy that doesn't leak, but she doesn't like it because she can't shake her drink around. Now, she is only allowed sippy cups with water. Any other type of drink is monitored with a straw that we help her with.

As for the binky... Kayla is the only one that used one. We slowly starting collecting them and throwing them out but kept one for occasional use until she didn't use it anymore. When she started looking for one, we distracted her with something else (like a snack or game). Maybe you could barter Angry birds with the binky. ;) Something else we've heard of was cutting the tip off of the binky a little bit at a time and it finally becomes so hard to use that they just give up trying to use it.