Monday, October 09, 2006

wonder twins - activate!

Can I just say that I had a ton of fun at Yeimy's wedding?! It has been years since I hung out with Laura, and we had so much fun. I cannot figure out how we actually ate dinner, we were laughing so much.

Other highlights include:
* "Footloose" dance line while the title song was played - why isn't Kenny Loggins more popular? He's a genius
* Jen's husband Brian is the most fun Bet Sig, ever. I am sad he wasn't at Tech when I was, he would have been an entertaining drinking buddy
* The bed at the hotel felt like a waffle - Lesley will back me up on this
* I have somehow recovered my ability to do tequila shots, or at least one shot
* Alph Gams are the most fun girls - ever
* Yeimy was such a beautiful bride :)
* Penelope Cruz was at the wedding - just ask Laura
* Mariachi bands provide the best dinner music ever! I would highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding


Anonymous said...

Activate, not unite! Ugh! I'm slow!

We so needed a group shot with Penelope.

It's been forever since I have laughed that hard! It was awesome to see you!

Kara said...

Glad to hear the wedding was so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Always a blast to get together with old friends!!!