Thursday, August 04, 2011

tidbits and a ridiculously easy and delicious salad

* The house is a mess. I can't get control of anything...never buy a house with 4 one needs to clean 4 toilets.

* Lately, I've been making a lot of ice cream. Inspired by Wisconsin? I don't know...but I am having fun!

* We went to the county fair on Sat. Tons of fun. Fried Oreos. Sno-cones. Noms.

* Ate at Five Guys for dinner on Sat. Have you been? Good greasy burger, a zillion french fries and peanuts! Plus, the line cooks were singing along with piped-in 80's music; I'm not sure if that's the norm, but we thought it was great.

* The furniture store is stalking me. I guess they really don't like holding our guest bed while we wait for our couches to arrive. I keep telling them if they waive one of the delivery fees, that I would be happy to accept the bed. No dice ;)

* Speaking of the furniture store; received a thank you note (sort of) from the salesman. "Thanks for your recent purchase. Roy" I threw away his business cards.

* Bought a bunch of costume hats for the boys. Bebe keeps running around in the pig hat and snorting. He thinks it's hilarious!

* Low key Sun, complete with splashing pool and wiggly-caterpillar sprinkler. And we finally ate on the deck. I threw together this salad, and I will totally make it again.

Summer Salad

equal parts:
fresh mozzarella, cubed
cucumber, chunked up
grape tomatoes, halved
Newsman's Own Light Cesar dressing and fresh pepper to taste

mix it up and enjoy!
I ate the leftovers for lunch on Mon, just on a bed of lettuce, so delicious!


Laura said...

I want to come and eat salad on your deck... and accept the challenge to break in all 4 of your toilets. ;)

Amy said...

I saw the picture of your salad and it looked so good I just had to make it. and yep it was delicious!!

Charlie and Kara said...

Looks Yummy!

vanessa said...

Oh that salad looks so yummy! I've got a ton of cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden that would be great for this!