Tuesday, August 23, 2011

do you have days like this?

I swear that as son as I hit "publish" I am going to put the iPad away.

Pinky swear.


It's nearly 9:30AM and I have yet to tie on my apron and get to work. We are all dressed, but it's gross out and totally non-motivating.

I think it will rain soon.

The grill is uncovered on the deck...I should probably cover it.
Then clean up last night's dishes.
Make the beds.
Play with bebes.
Turn. Off. The. Tv.

I would rather be a sloth today.



Danielle Michelle said...

Sloth. I need a day like that. I love those shoes from your previous post!

Ferguson said...

At least you are all dressed and ready to go at 930am....We were all just getting up at that point;) I decided to veg with the kids all morning and hit the park after lunch instead! Sloth away!!

danielle @ take heart said...

thank you so much for your congrats on our sweet babes :) xoxo

Holly said...

Oh yes, I have those days. Sometimes it's okay just to embrace it! There have been a few rainy days over the years that I declared "pajama and movie day" and it was a lot of fun!

Kerry Rossow said...

YES! We all have those days! We need a panic button so that the rest of us can zip in and motivate us!
Thanks for the visit!
Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com