Saturday, August 06, 2011

completely void of nutrients...what we ate at the state fair

A catalog of food eaten by my family...

maple cotton candy
fried pickles
chocolate covered cranberries on a stick - did you know cranberries are the largest fruit crop in WI?
root beer
giant brat on a pretzel roll with peppers and onions
one hot dog
chocolate milk and white milk - only 50 cents! gotta love WI!
string cheese - handed out for free after the milking demo
giant cream puff - these are serious business, there is a whole pavilion dedicated to cream puffs, and it was excellent. also, we kept seeing people walking around the fair with special carryout boxes of a dozen cream puffs.
a lemon slushy

and the kids played in corn bins and I am pretty sure the bebe ate a dried corn kernel.

Here is some eye candy for you ;)

Let me preface this by saying that while Hubs is awesome and amazing, he has never once taken a flattering picture of me...not once in our 11 year history.

me with cream puff

And I didn't feel at all guilty eating fair food...because I have continued to run/jog/move faster than normal.


heather s. said...

I knew that about cranberries. My brother worked in the cranberry bogs in northern WI for a few years. (I want to say Manitowish Waters but my memory isn't as good as it used to be)

Laura said...

That cream puff is to DIE for.
Yay for moving faster!! Way to go!

Charlie and Kara said...

I hear ya on the hubs not taking flattering pictures, mine doesn't either! I think your pic is cute though and the cream puff looks sooo good. Amelie Briggs used to make the best cream puffs for rushes.

AJ said...

How did the Colts hat go over in Packer Country? :)

You had me at brat in a pretzel bun!

TheKels1721 said...

I'm coming for the fair. LOL

karen c konkel said...

Ahhhh. The state fair. Yes, there's a reason I haven't been there since high school and I do believe I have never had a cream puff. They just look gross to me though I hear they are excellent. Someone brought a huge box of them into the office the other week.