Monday, August 08, 2011

a reasonably clean entry...getting settled, day 5

Welcome to my new home...

I put the flowers out right away, the front door needs a little updating, but it'll do for now.
Come on in!

pretty empty
Look right

Look left


I wish you could stick a "recently moved in" sign on the lawn.
So the UPS guy doesn't think he needs to call CPS.

A little cleaning, some expert mashing of craft supplies into the craft closet and the living room is tidy.

the blonde children blend in well
The dining room is getting there. It's the one place we've been stashing art and miscellaneous stuff as we get settled. But it's nice to have the table and buffet tidy.

must. iron. table scarf.     

Grandma <3

The actual entryway is still empty. We're starting the "real" decorating here (different from the moving-in-and-getting-used-to-the-spaces decorating that is happening all over our house). I've been collecting ideas for a little while. The loose theme is honeysuckle and grey. A little girly, but I decided that I needed one little space of pretty in this house boys.

The starting list of changes:
Wall paint - grey
Paint antique vanity (and unearth the mirror) - honeysuckle
Hang art - LOTS!
Find a rug - something to bridge the reddish tones of the floor and the pink of my accents
New light fixture - maybe hack something from the Restore?

Thanks for touring with me :)

Linking my "Reasonable Clean Entry" at Like Mother, Like Daughter. (isn't that the best description?!)

round button chicken

Outtake pic from the after shots...

this little guy kept getting in front of the camera and saying "tee!" (cheese!)


Camille said...

It's always fun, but so intimidating, to start from scratch! Have fun decorating.

Leila said...

Your entry is gorgeous, and the rest will come! One -- ONE -- thing at a time :)

lindsey gallant said...

What an inviting entranceway! Love the plants.

Rosie said...

Your front door is so welcoming - especially for having just moved in! I am impressed. (and I love your dining room furniture!)

justamouse said...

Oh man, the little guy is adorable. The front door looks amazing, I love the pineapples.

And you are a fast mover in. We just moved in a year ago and I'm STILL getting things settled.

Woman of the House said...

I laughed when I saw the Lowe's box. We moved this summer too and still have lots of those boxes to unpack. I think you're doing great! I love your pineapples on the front porch!

Briana said...

It will be beautiful soon. It already looks pretty good!

Kerry Rossow said...

I love this- thank you for posting the befores! It always makes me feel better knowing that everyone has "before" moments!
Kerry at

Danielle Michelle said...

Looka like you"re gettng settled!

Stephie said...

I love the idea of the old vanity painted honeysuckle :)

Laura said...

I love your new digs! You'll get it all done, one thing at a time, and it will be fabulous!

Thanks for being so sweet and stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I appreciate you so much! We do have to post some weekly pics, and I think I will!

Paula said...

Lucky you to have a new home to decorate. You are really making progress with your unpacking. I look forward to seeing progress with the changes you plan to make.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What "cringe??" I think you mean GLORIOUS BLANK SLATE with endless potential! So fun.

P.S. What is this iron you speak of? Is that related to my throw it in the dryer with a wet washcloth method? ;)