Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Thanks for all of the comments on my last post :)
I wanted to message all of you individually, but most of you don't have email enabled for your comments...you should! It's super fun to get email from bloggers :)

I was also busy with this...
Oh Mr. Turtle, so much fun!

I made the mistake of telling 3 that we had to put the lid on the sandbox so that cats wouldn't make poo poos in it.

Now he is obsessed with cats using his sandbox as a litter box.

He stands in the kitchen window and growls.

Says he's scaring away the bad kitties...

Speaking of my kitchen window...I think I have brainstormed a new treatment solution!

Cross your fingers, I'm going to start cutting and sewing (probably cursing a little) tonight.

Ahhhh....let the creative stress eating begin.


Laura said...

They are just waaaay too cute! Those bad poo poo kitties! growl growl!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

They are so cute. We always had a covered sand box for the same reason!

Pamela said...

Catching up on blogs now that we're back. I may have to send you a private email cause I have so much to say! In sum: all of your food posts look yummy and the house is looking great!