Friday, July 22, 2011

hitting the (kitchen) wall...getting settled, day 4

After finding a little bit of inspiration for the kitchen, I was super excited to get started.

So I sat at the kitchen table for a minute and then looked to my right.


Vile vertical blinds. Almost enough to distract you from the intensely ugly light fixture.


In case you missed the amazing pattern, here it is:

Awsomesauce. For real.

So, I really want to rip them down but I am unsure of what to hang in their place.

Normally I would just pick out a rod and hang some drapes, but there is very little space (maybe 4 inches) between the right side of the sliding glass door and the kitchen the drapes all need to stack on the left side in order for the door to be functional. And it must be functional, it leads to the deck, which lea to the hot tub (and the swing set, which is not as important because I don't drink margaritas on the swings).

So help me out! Do you know of any curtain rods that don't need a center support? Or a super awesome idea which doesn't include vertical blinds?

How about some other ideas for my kitchen? I'm all ears!


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Lesley said...

Oh those snazzy vertical blinds... I think they make curtain rods with the curtain holders built into a track... so they still would have a center support, but, it allows you to push them all the way to the left.

Laura said...

We have shilloette blinds on our kitchen slider n they work great. We have 2 blinds side by side and they roll up to the top. Nice thing is they double as shears.

Laura said...

We have nothing on our slider in the kitchen. But we also have no neighbors to see in...

Paula said...

My mom has a sliding door similar to yours in her beach cottage. We bought two wooden curtain rod holders at Lowes (unfinished, wood piece with a hole in the center for the rod) and a big wooden dowel to use for the rod. We hung inexpensive panels that are linen looking but thin. People can't see in but they let in a ton of light. She hung four and they easily push to the side. You could extend your rod to the left to allow the curtains to slide out of the way.