Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a real mall!...getting settled, day 3

In case you haven't noticed, it's terribly hot out.

Too hot for me to play outside. Sorry kids, enjoy the AC and TV.

I decided to throw the giant double stroller into the Jeep and head to the nearest mall.

Reasons I was excited:
a) Hello. Getting out of the house.
b) 20 min car ride = 20 min where a child is not attached to me (remember, it's hot
c) PB, C&B, and RH under one, glorious, air conditioned roof. Thank you Baby Jesus.*
d) The anchor stores at the mall in Ohio were Best Buy and Dunhams...for real.
e) High potential for an Orange Julius.

I found some inspiration in C&B.

Meet my dishtowel form.

It's good to have a starting point, right?

I skipped the Orange Julius. Next time it will be mine!

Are you guys on Pinterest? Come and join me, it will be fun! You will be addicted!

Seriously, it's a really fun way to organize all of the stuffs you find online that you just can't live without. Instead of in a mile long list of can have tidy little thumbnails with a personal description. Like the dishtowel up there? Totally pinned it. Ahhh...happy place. Join me!

If you'd like an invite to Pinterest just let me know, I'm happy to send you one :) And no, I'm not being paid to talk about Pinterest, I just want a few more friends to stalk.

*Most evenings, Mr. Three says grace at the dinner table. Some days it is the sweetest thing ever, and some days it goes like this "Father, Son, Holy Ghost, I love Jesus, Hiya! Hiya! Ninjas. Amen."


Pamela said...

I'm okay with being stalked. Send me an invite! :)

Laura said...

I love the dish towel! And any prayer with ninjas goes to God the fastest, duh! ;)

Michelle said...

I LOVE the dishtowel!!! great inspiration :)

Also love the Ninja prayer :)

Amy said...

can I have an invite please....thank you!!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

LOVE the Ninja prayer. :) Such a little boy thing!