Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a new couch...getting settled, day 2

My couch is plaid.

It has also been peed on, puked on, slept on, and moved 4 times.

So naturally I am excited to replace it!

Also - we really need something to sit on in the basement...and the plaid will work great in the dungeon playroom. (and I am totally having it steam cleaned next week)

We've been stalking couches since we moved in, and decided this was the week to buy (sale!).

These were the swatches...

solids for couches and patterns for pillows
p.s.- the geometric is totally named "Takin it to the Streets"

We wanted to make sure the furniture would fit, so we mapped it out on the floor with painters tape.

I have given up on trying to keep the kids away while I take pics...
get used to seeing tiny men in my photos

And the kids quickly ripped it up ;)

I'm going to pretend he didn't walk around with tape stuck to his foot for most of the day

Tonight we ordered it!

I decided to go with the dove grey instead of the darker grey (coincidentally both swatched were labeled "charcoal" but in different patterns), and the geometric for the accent pillows.

By the middle of September we will have a new sectional and love seat! I am so EXCITED!

Also - I keep singing this song. Thank you Michael McDonald.


Pamela said...

Yay for a new couch! I love the geometric swatch for the pillows. We had to get a new couch too. I still need to put in Kayla's journal that her last round of sickness took out the couch and her bed. There was no resurrection possible...

Laura said...

Jealous! Very! I don't even want to think about what is on our couch... eeeewwwwww!