Monday, July 18, 2011

half bath love...getting settled, day 1

I spent last weekend sewing, and because I thought it would be a quick project, I only set my trusty Husky Star up on the kitchen island.

It's totally still sitting there...

At any rate, I needed to carve out a teeny little spot in this house that felt like me. Mr. Three is newly potty trained, so we spend a fair amount of time in the half bath, plus it's a little space and didn't require new paint.

I decided it was a good place to start.

Here's the before...

The biggest problem (besides the fact that this is my only before pic) was the window treatments. The ugly brown valance needed to come down and unfortunately the wooden blinds were broken (permanently in the "up" position), offering no privacy. I don't think you could actually see into the bathroom, but it felt really I wanted something that would offer privacy, yet let in the light.

I hit up a flea market right after we moved here and I picked up a chunk of old lace, I immediately knew I wanted to use it in the bath and that gave me my direction.

Here's the after...I call it the Granny Bath ;)

I've been wanting to do hoops with fabric for awhile so that was a no brainer for art. I had the basket and flowers, and they seemed to work well so I tossed them in.

I used an old sheet to make the curtain...and I used the same material to add a ruffle to the towels.

It's far from truly done, and not really exciting, but it feels nice to be able to say a room is done for now.

Tomorrow...we order new couches for the family room.


Laura said...

I'm totally digging the granny bath!!

AJ said...

I really like the fabric in the hoops!

The whole thing looks great!

Michelle said...

I like the granny bath :)